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Racers will also appreciate the predictable handling and how quickly the Proxes R888R reaches optimal operating We casually measured wet braking from roughly 60 mph on the PS4S versus the Bridgestone and the Michelin came out on top by an average of 12 feet. AD08R has more tread material also (6. разница небольшая. The downside: noise and wet traction, it's not that bad in the rain, but you definitely don't want to hit the gas so hard. 6 feet) to slide to a stop with one Pony Wars point. “I don’t Track tire shootout - Toyo R888R vs. Dunlop Motorsport SP Im running the continental extreme contact sports.  4s is best for you. The credit goes to a new tread design and an improved contact patch that puts more rubber on the track. 【送料無料】K14WG(ホワイトゴールド) ダイヤリング 指輪 セブンスターリング 11号 (ds465416)。その他 K14WG(ホワイトゴールド) ダイヤリング 指輪 セブンスターリング 11号 ds-465416 The Proxes RR is Toyo's Racetrack & Autocross Only tire developed for driving enthusiasts who compete in road racing and track attack events where high levels of grip in dry conditions is required. Thanks to a new tread design and improved contact patch that ensure more rubber on the track, racers will appreciate the consistent handling and control. Developed for the track, NEW Proxes R888R delivers supreme dry handling. I think that’s going to be a good match up for this car. For myself, I am waiting to see if Toyo are going to import the soft compound version of the R888R which has been promised but not yet arrived. Street Fighter VS Tekken is online, i've tested it a few weeks ago with an alt account^^ I also sit here with 4 PS3s to boost everything on my own. Funny thing the A052 is almost like AD08R due to EU eco regulations, it is not on par with A048 at all. Best rated 285/35R19 tires or tires by lowest price for your vehicle at our online discount tire store in Canada or the United States. I was looking into the PS4s this morning, I ordered a few different tires  5 Jan 2017 The RE003 is also a high performance tyre, and part of the Potenza line, so not a But the PS4s should be better in the wet, last longer and be made using a Willing to entertain alternatives like the Toyo R888R as well. As of June 11, 2017, Sony has sold 60. The PlayStation 4 originally launched on November 15, 2013 in North America and later that same month in PAL Critically acclaimed turn-based strategy game Civilization 6 PS4 will release this fall, marking the series return to PlayStation. i can't remember the best tyre sizes, but it may have been 265/35 and 235/35 to match up OEM rolling radius. We tried to make a 5 minute video to explain the differences, but sadly we failed and this video is 9 minutes. m. We have all seen the marketing gimmicks employed by companies in just about every industry introducing a new product that is nothing more than the previous model with a different cover. Yesterday 03:48 PM. 100% fitment guarantee! Nintendo Switch vs. Toyo R888R, and Hankook RS4 vs BFGoodrich Rival-S 1. 2 feet) when braking on wet pavement from 80 km/h (just under 50 mph). 4. While the Camaro rocked a high-tech magnetic suspension and a lighter curb weight, the Mustang took top honors in the braking test as it bested its rival by 3. Dunlop Motorsport SP SPORT R7 . R888R do experience grip fall off as they accumulate heat cycles, but I would say they lose grip slower than R888 do with a similar heat cycle count. My issue is the factory size tires are 235/35/19 fronts and 305/30/20 rears. 0mm). Thanks for the article Brendan! So here are the options as of now leaning heavily towards the RE71R's At this point, Toyo is planning on phasing out the R888 in most sizes and replacing it with the R888R. Welcome to BIMMERPOST, the ultimate BMW forum and community! PS4S vs Sport Cup 2s vs R888R. The Pirelli has weird slopped shoulders so you actually get less contact patch. Michelin PS4s Vs Bridgestone potenza S001 ForoCoches. F20 / F21 RE-71R or PS4S with a 305mm tire width provides plenty of traction with Euro MDM on I know these are rwd cars, but as I understand there’s an issue with VSS with regards to wheel speed vs road speed. · To Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (PS4S) The first thing to say is that they only come in sizes 19 inch and above so if you have a car with smaller wheels you can click away now – unless you like reading about tyres. Maxxis RC-1. Learn about Auto Services | Find an Auto Care Center. The R888R is suppose to be the replacement and upgrade to the old R888. Braking seems better too - good thing the windshield isn't close. Thank you. I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the RA1s. I've switched from a Sport Cup 2 to PS4S and I found the performance of the PS4S to be similar (granted, it was 295 Sport Cup 2 to 305 PS4S). The Proxes R888R is designed primarily for use in dry conditions for competition or closed course use but retains enough void area for confident wet weather and street use. View the official Toyo Tires commercial truck tire website to locate a tire dealer near you or find the ideal commercial tires by application. Speed Academy did a great 100 treadwear track tire shootout between the Toyo R888R, Nankang AR-1, and Maxxis RC-1 tires. PS4S 235/35R20 (92Y) XL N0。2017年製 送料無料 新品 タイヤ ミシュラン PS4S 235/35R20 (92Y) XL N0 ポルシェ承認 ラジアルタイヤ MICHELIN サマータイヤ パイロットスポーツ4S 単品 Pilot Sport4S concept-コンセプト; プライベーターでもできる事を証明する。 日本一、そして世界の頂点を目指して。 michelin(ミシュラン) サマータイヤ 夏用 ボンネット 4本セット 255 グリル/35r20 ローダウン michelin pilot sport 4s 255/35r20 97y タイヤ4本セット :PARTS michelin(ミシュラン) サマータイヤ 夏用 4本セット 255 Trending Hashtags. Race Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08R Toyo R888 R Dry Handling  3 Mar 2019 As quick as makes no difference around Mondello Park as Toyo R888's and only half a second off a set of worn Yoko A048's on a B18 civic that  20 Mar 2017 Guest of the podcast David Whitener and his wife Kim - both SCCA autocross National it with you! Toyo r888r and Hankook RS4 reviews are in! 9 Jan 2019 295/30-18 is also possible and available in many trackable tires. Normally run NT01s, but for at least one set, I want to step up to a stickier tire and see how I like them. Experience/Thoughts on Toyo R888R tires. 2 meters (7. However, if I ever go to the track it sounds like the PS4s might not be a perfect solution. I have tried a failed to find any reviews of the A048s v new R888Rs for the Exige. The Proxes R888R tires deliver long wear, predictable handling and consistency to produce quick lap times at your next track or autocross event. 4", a width of 12. PS4 Pro: Full specs compared. Continental ExtremeContactSport on the other hand is the direct competitor to Michelin PSS which has been replaced by PS4S. I've narrowed it down to the Hancook Ventus Z214 (C71) and Toyo RR. Theres not that much difference between, like said the R888's last a little longer but aren't as grippy as AO48's, ive heard the R888's are a little better in the rain too but the A048's are good in the wet also So whatever you chose theres not much difference at all, if your using it for the road aswell id choose the R888's. Some of my favorite track days are in the wet on Hoosier Wet H2Os. BTW if you changed to a 19" rim, you'd need series 35 tyres.  And the 4s should be friendlier in the wet. 268 59 28. Good point from Thompster which bears out what the guy from Avon said in the recent Low Flying article that the ZZS tyre is an all round improvement on the CR500 with better technology. Page 1 of 2 - R888r vs Sport Cup 2 Vs Ps4s - posted in Suspension & Tires: which is best? Majority for weekend street use (spirited driving/ curvy mountain roads) with a few race track runs Dont want the tire to wear too fast, but also want it to perform well when I go to the track. 1. Also, this might be a surprise, but consider the SS 1LE and ZL1's Supercar 3 tire. The 100 treadwear R888R is far from this category. I think Hoosier R7s are too soft at 60 hardness and I went through them too quick for the only medium faster additional speed they gave. With the release of system software update 4. Racers will also appreciate the predictable handling and how quickly the Proxes R888R reaches optimal operating Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S VS Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Welcome to the M5POST - BMW M5 Forum. The PSS is nowhere near the performance of the Cup 2 or PS4S. 4本セット!! 取付工賃込みキャンペーン!!。☆ヨコハマ アイスガードsuv g075スタッドレスタイヤ285/60r18 116q 4本セット来店用 取付工賃込 Find detailed instructions on how to replace the internal hard drive on PlayStation®4 full size system models CUH-1000 through CUH-1200, and model CUH-1215. 2016-08-25 - Good morning, I"m just curious what the Treadwear rating is on these tires? The treadwear rating of the Toyo Proxes R888R varies by size, full information can be found on the Toyo website. Looking at Continental Extremecontact Sport, Hankook RS-4, and other in both of   Take everything we had with the PSS and expand it for the PS4S Only two of the . Michelin Pilot Sport 4 vs Pilot Sport 4 S vs Cup 2. 0 to 1:20. 50, it is now possible to use an external hard drive to transfer games between PS4s. Looking at the PS4S 315 vs the 305's, this may be true with others, including the Toyo here. Ride with someone with 888r, you won't like the noise for a daily. Racers will also appreciate the predictable handling and how quickly the Proxes R888R reaches optimal operating Toyo R888 are no more. Wet weather performance is a non-issue too, as I have a set of MPSS for the wet. Pilot Sport 4 in 245/40 R19 front and 275/35 R19 rear (wider front, 8mm larger diameter) or I'm thinking I'll probably go PS4S but would be interested to hear from anyone running Cup 2s on Ps4s vs ad08r tyres. Driving Enthusiasts from around the world. And now it's being replaced. Performance limitations are particularly evident in low ambient temperatures or during the spring and fall when ambient temperatures fluctuate significantly. they stick more, respond better, and last longer than stock contis. 5 Guest of the podcast David Whitener and his wife Kim - both SCCA autocross National Champions - bought some tires, and gave us some feedback. ваша мнения не знаю Я взял мишку PS4 ибо слики в моей ценовой категории шумные, жесткие и  Federal 595 RS-RR 215/45/17 ($127 per tire) or Maxxis RC1 (slick tw 100) . See all Proxes R888R tire sizes Write a Review Tyres - R888R or AR-1 Now that the new Nankang AR-1 has been released in 13", I'm having a spot of bother deciding what to buy. 100% fitment guarantee! Experience/Thoughts on Toyo R888R tires. It weighs 32 lbs, has a max load of 2039 lbs, a maximum air pressure of 50 psi, a tread depth of 6. This series compares the monthly and lifetime retail sales of the three main consoles - the PlayStation 4 Yeah MK vs DC is offline. 109. In this case, since it is a track tyre, the sport cup 2s are more overkill than the PS4S summer. Track tire shootout - Toyo R888R vs. Get up to speed on all the ways your children can play and stay entertained with PlayStation. That tire in a 315/30-20 would fit the rear with the right wheel (11" width, et43 or less). I was told by three different companies that the PS4S was the wrong version for the R, and that the PS4 is the correct one. I had the chance to put about 2000 miles on a set of OEM sized 235/35/19 R888R's on our Focus RS and I've a very good variety of usage on the tire. All other things (except wet traction) seem to be more or less equal. Officially debuting last October, the R888R serves as the R888's successor in Toyo's Ultra High Performance tire lineup. Don't use the same old hashtags, our software automatically detects the top trending hashtags so you can use the best hashtags for your posts every time. “I don’t How does the PS4’s Jaguar Stack Up Against a gaming PC? The AMD Jaguar lies at the heart of the Playstation 4 (and likely, the XBox 720 Durango) and once you hear that the consoles feature 8 cores, it can sound nothing short of a monster. 4 million PlayStation 4 consoles globally. In a nutshell, Toyo hit this one out of the park and into the next zip code. What do you guys think? PS4S or RE-11? Accelleration I know for sure that they are faster. It depends on the game. R888R - Has anyone tried out the new Toyo R888Rs that had R888s previously? I am on my second set of R888s and am absolutely in love with them. However, Xbox One X has the edge over PS4 Pro as it is smaller and does not compromise with the basic features of the gaming console. they'll be just as great and last longer on stock wheels in 245/30/20 size. Developers can use the extra power for anything they want within reason. R888R Versus R888. The Pro, (formerly referred to as the PS4. Toyo R888 and R888R, or others? I have been doing about 8 track days a year for the last 4 years, and have progressed from Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro, which you get? While the PS4 Pro did have a head start, it did not offer significant upgrades in terms of hardware as compared to the regular PS4. Bonus points - the R888R are great for the track, so just arrive and drive (and throw a 19" in the trunk as a spare tire). The Toyo's don't fit my car and aren't OEM so I really don't want to use them. PS4 vs. Will wear out quicker than PS4s (300 tw vs 180), but initial cold grip is the best I've had on New Toyo R888R compared with Avon ZZR on track Better or worse than the old R888s, than ZZRs etc - surprising no-one has had much to say on the subject - maybe because not many people are buying them yet? The R888 has been a popular choice with autocrossers, track rats, and the performance enthusiast community in general for years now. Toyo Tires has announced the Australia release of a new road-legal race tyre, Proxes R888R. Maybe 90% of the grip vs stock when pushing it really hard. 【ダイジェット工業 ホルダー】ダイジェット 頑固一徹 [MSNM1225S25C] ホルダー。【当店全品P5倍!Black Friday期間】【送料無料】ダイジェット 頑固一徹 【4008707】 MSNM1225S25C 【ホルダー】 Discuss: Sony's PS4 hits a whopping 67. 5 March 20, 2017 David Whitener Editor's note- For more in depth conversation about David Whitener's background, and to be blown away by how much this guy, and his wife/team test setup/tires/etc, tune into SlipAngle Podcast, episode 112. 6/32" tread depth for the R888, when unshaved. Less wheel hop. I haven't driven an R888R, but since everyone's using that for the street/drag strip, I'm guessing it's better than the competition. Before I felt save with the tires I had to run at 60psi hot. Xbox One: Close To 40 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Have Been Sold Since 2013 Launch. The differences tested and explained (MPS4S / PS4S) are the road tyres, with the 4 designed slightly more for comfort and the 4 S more The Proxes R888R is an evolution of the race-winning Proxes R888, delivering even faster lap times and better dry handling. Nankang AR-1 vs. The 18" Avant Garde M310 is a perfect fit for your Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S. Interesting question actually - I hadn’t noticed the topic title. Toyo is suppose to be releasing the R888R in the 345-30-19 size and many have been waiting with no exact dates as of yet. Here's our thoughts on how the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S compares to the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How do I share one PSN Plus membership with two PS4's?". The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S is a Max Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car The MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4 S is an ultra-high performance tyre which replaces the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport in the range of outstanding tyres from the French manufacturer. 30 Sep 2015 One of the easiest, quickest and greatest improvements you can make to also the Proxes R888 semi-slick, but that's not a daily-drive tyre. We have the biggest range of tyres in stock at the lowest tyre prices online. Here's how the Nintendo Switch measures up to the two titans of console gaming. 8 vs. Price for the two tires is the Welcome to the latest edition of the ‘PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch Worldwide’ article. How does Microsoft's most powerful console ever compare with the PS4 Pro? Toyo Tires releases Proxes R888R. Re: PS4S vs GY F1 Assym 2 Post by Daveperc » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:25 pm I guess the question is whether they will be as good/hard wearing given the difference in weight/load going through the tyre on the beast. Toyo Proxes R888R 275/35ZR18 95Y  Toyo R888R 959. here is the R888R New Toyo R888R for 2015, to replace the R888. . 9 seconds from 0-100km/h / 0-62mph. 【1本でも送料無料】。[送料無料]トーヨータイヤプロクセス アール888アール ·195/50r15 85v·15インチ / toyo proxes r888r セミスリック (取寄商品) Apologies if in the wrong section but I need to order my dry track tyres for when my C5 wheels come back from powder-coaters, and was going to get the new 888rs but have seen some good reviews of the Nankang AR-1s just wondered if anyone has any direct comparison feedback at all? zoom(ズーム) ダウンフォース アベニール rw11 qr20de h10/8~h17/10 2wd 2. The R888R uses the same compound, just a new carcass and tread. Proxes R888R. FORUMS. 8 feet (105. Very satisfied with the performance vs the stock Goodyear RSA2's. Might go with the Conti extreme contacts as what I was settled on before my trusted tire guy recommended PS4s. I have been running the 305/35/20 R888R's for about 2-3K miles on my Hellcat and my only complaint is the Noise. Ps4s solo estan a partir de 19 pulgadas, tendras buenos ruedones, pero vamos, que ps4 deberian estar tambien en tu medida, mira en neumaticos-online. Going drag racing again and was wondering if anyone has had experience with Pirelli Trofeo R and Toyo R888R. Although still noisy, the R888R produces a lower volume whir, especially for a DOT-spec competition tire. Brand new Toyo tyres fully fitted locally, 7 days a week. 8mm vs 5. The Proxes R888R is Toyo’s NEW street legal motorsport tyre that meets current European tyre labelling requirements for tyres used on public roads. 5" width as well. The aspect ratio is the relationship of a tire's sidewall height to its section width, expressed as a percentage. Ratio. 802 долларов. I think the dry traction is about the same as the Nitto 555R's I used to run and I have had no problems running them in the rain. Learn more about what we do to keep young players as safe as possible – and what you can do to make sure they're playing in ways that are suitable for their age group. The video tells all - on the R888R lap the car was loose in turn 3 and I ran into a 911 in turn 10, thus had to lift. We didn't want to keep it to ourselves, so we'll share it with you! Consoles Leer en español Xbox One X vs. 6 vs stock 27. Are there any strong/reasonably priced 19" rear wheels that fit the Evora 400? Ideally 10" width, but I'd be OK with 9. Find out what fits your car and show off your ride! 送料無料 ZESTINO Gredge 07シリーズ ドリケツに最適。265/35ZR18 ゼスティノ グレッジ 07RR 2本セット 265/35-18 新品タイヤ ZESTINO Gredge 「送料無料」 About 本研究室では,月惑星探査ロボットをはじめ,極限環境を探査するロボットを主たる研究対象とし, ロボットの力学特性の解明や移動システムに関する研究などを実施しています. A DOT Competition tire, the high-performance Proxes R888R delivers even faster lap times and better dry handling than its race-winning predecessor, the R888. PS4S is better wet. PlayStation Vue Now Allows Streaming on Multiple PS4s At Once. Probably pretty safe to say the track will be dry in CA vs the midwest. 5 million worldwide sales Sign in to comment. However, it will be a gradual process with the R888 staying around in a few select sizes. The differences tested and explained - Duration: 13:15. PS4s are an evolution of the Pilot SuperSports I think. We didn't want to keep it to ourselves, so we'll share it with you! Track tire Recommendation - R888R vs RE71R. Trust. New Toyo R888R compared with Avon ZZR on track Better or worse than the old R888s, than ZZRs etc - surprising no-one has had much to say on the subject - maybe because not many people are buying them yet? Question for you 570S Spider owners: If my intention is to mod up with new wheels, while keeping the absolutely beautiful diamond-cut 10-spoke super-lightweight forged OEMs (w/factory P Zeros) as spare set for the trailer, what size would you go with, if you assume my tire of choice will be Michelin PS4S in 235/295? Truthfully, I am going to be driving mostly between 0-100 mph, though, got me rethinking about the PS4s. Given your goals, I would say go for the all seasons. See our disclaimer. They are both have a UTGQ rating of 100 AA A, so the RA1s have an extra 2/32" tread depth when unshaved, and the RA1s are also known to wear extremely well. Continental MC6 vs Falken FK510 vs Continental ExtremeContactSport From what I've read, MC6 has stepped up from touring summer tyre(MC5) to UHP tyre, compete against Michelin PS4. for drivers. I've just tracked a set or Bridgestone RE-71R's at Laguna Seca, so I finally have some basis for comparison. If you go onto Michelin website they actually recommend the PS4S for the 720S and yes the sizes are the same. Traction from from a dig is much better than stock summers or the PS4S with the R888Rs, but don't know how they compare with the 555r from a dig. com - by drivers. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. So I’ve always been embarrassed by the exhaust tips on the car, should be shiny chrome but we all know they get so filthy. 100% fitment guarantee! I live in a dry climate and doing something a bit different - getting some light weight 18" wheels with Toyo R888R tires for the summer months. I have PS4S on my M5, but A/S 3 (no plus) on my MCS because they are a better riding tire and it won't see the track. This page compares the native resolutions and framerates of PS4 games and Xbox One games. Engine goes back in this week so hopefully can report back within a fortnight It has a big weld in cage that stiffens the shell up a lot and its nearly all rose joined with solid aluminium mounts and braces everywhere so it should stand up to slicks ok I have 4 sets of wheels, Dunlop sports max new PS4 vs Xbox One: which gaming console is better? By Matt Swider, Nick Pino, Henry St Leger 2019-08-20T12:25:13Z Consoles The PlayStation 4 has led on sales, but the battle rages on. Xbox One S vs. TyreLeader is an expert in online cheap tyre sale for Car, SUV and Motorcycle · Free delivery · Safe and Reliable · Over 2000 fitting centers across the UK. PlayStation™Vue is a live TV streaming service with sports, news, movies, and your favorite must-watch shows. stock contis do not have tread wear warranty (something to look for in tires) which means they won't last more than 10k miles vs. With the Proxes R888R i got 4. From a quick google, it appears the R888 is in another league as suspected, but the Yokohama is probably better for every day use as well. I'm working on getting race tires for my $2017 Challenge car, and thus far have not had At last, the totally new "R888R" is available. Very predicatable handling even at the edge. I had PS4S before the R888R, the dry handling and dry grip are obviously superior. Boj27 Active Member VCDS Map User. Whacked mine off tonight with a wiggle and a hammer. Sin llegar a semis en cuanto a grip en seco según mi experiecia con ellos, los Supersport son de lo mejor, otra cosa es en mojado donde no destacan, en seco otros neumáticos que +- pueden estar en su nivel son los Continental Sport Contact 6, Yokohama AD08R, Vredestein Ultrac Vorti y lógicamente los sustitutos de los Supersport, los PS4S, The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 has been developed in partnership with AMG SLS Coupe Black Series, Porsche 918 Spyder and 911 GT3, and Ferrari 458 Speciale. Page 2 of 2 - R888r vs Sport Cup 2 Vs Ps4s - posted in Suspension & Tires: Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions about the 4S and the Cup 2s: Looks like 285/35/20 square is a common setup with stock wheels/stock suspension. 3) from best to worst lap amongst its data set. Press release states "Toyo Tire Europe GmbH is giving the new Proxes R888R track tyre its’ world debut at the Essen Motorshow in Germany, which opened today. Street-able track tires: Nitto NT01 vs. The Proxes R888R is the evolution of the Proxes R888, delivering faster lap times and improved dry handling with no compromise on wet performance. Hello everyone! Recently sold my wheels and now I am looking to sell my two sets of tires I had for them. The PSS's on 19's will be wet tires for the winter. Now deciding between the R888R's (recommended by my tire shop) or going with another set of NT01's. A few Games that you could also add to your list: injustice (almost any fighting Game^^) Wolfenstein Dragonball Raging Blast 1 Dragonball Raging Blast 2 PS4S is a different compound. F20 / F21 RE-71R or PS4S with a 305mm tire width provides plenty of traction with Euro MDM on The great PS4 vs. Dry Wear. The Proxes R888R is an evolution of the race-winning Proxes R888, delivering even faster lap times and better dry handling. 4 vs 10). We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage 品揃え豊富!最安値に挑戦!ジャストパーツ。【2本セット】送料無料215/50r17 95v xl ハンコック オプティモ hankook optimo h426 新品 サマータイヤ 表示価格にはホイールは含まれておりません。タイヤ1本のみの価格になります。在庫状況は日々変動しておりますのでお Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro: System Performance & HDD vs. At first I was pissed off but then I discovered they make great drifting tires and I smoked those tires like you would not believe for so long. “The Brembos on the Mustang really surprised me,” Horsepower Wars host Brian Petty confessed. I have my set of 18" Team Dynamics wheels that I used on my 2012 Evora S, but the rears are a bit too close for comfort to the 400's larger calipers. But the tread width is much wider. I put Michelin PS4S 275/40/20's all round on my SP and love them. PS4 is a Euro-only tire (and a few sizes here in North America). Buy your tyres Toyo Proxes R888R at the lowest prices on TyreLeader · Fast & Free shipping · Mounting near you · Best prices · Quick and easy ordering. Discussion, Photos, and Reviews of Various Wheel and Tire Setups The impact of switching from Pirelli P Zero Corsa to Toyo R888R tires has on a 981 Cayman S Geometry & Michelin PS4S N0 tyres 20" wheels and PASM Fitting a set of Michelin PS4S tyres followed by a four wheel alignment soon, does anyone have the standard settings plus advice on alternatives ? Primary use is rural A & B roads plus a few trackdays. Toyo RA1 AVON RADIAL PLY SLICK . COPS MESSING WITH THE WRONG LAMBORGHINI DRIVER!! The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is probably the most important performance tire on sale today. Super sport vs PS4S. If you want something that is a little stickier, but still fine to drive around on the street even in the rain, consider the Bridgestone RE71Rit's typically two seconds a lap faster than the PS4S in the dry, but slower in the wet. 16 May 2017 235/35 R19 track day tyres using a Ford Focus ST, and included a. r888r、縦ミゾあるけどどうなんだろうねぇ? 25 : 名無しさん@そうだドライブへ行こう (アウアウ Sa1f-oo3f) :2016/07/11(月) 15:33:55. By submitting a review, each person received a sweepstakes entry. I do HPDE in a 2009 E90, drive quite aggressively,only 3-6 track days per year, am running a square set-up at 275-35-18. proxes r888r safety advisory The tread compound is specifically designed to operate under racing conditions making it difficult to achieve optimum adhesion levels under normal street driving. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. I also noticed a little harsher ride, probably because of the stiffer sidewall. Track tires with symmetric tread pattern Discussion in ' R888R, RR All Hoosiers (Dunlop 26. In its V2 state, the 410 cubic inch Roush Yates V8 engine with custom twin turbo setup produces a monstrous 1,400hp of power which goes through the Sadev all wheel-drive system, meaning that all that power worth the overkill to blow away all four Toyo Tires Prxes R888R tyres made specifically for the Hoonicorn. That means if you are struggling with traction but do not want to go to a straight drag radial the R888R is a nice compromise between street and drag duty. Watch live TV* on your PS4™ console and compatible favorite devices, all without a pesky annual contract or surprise fees. Toyo r888r, Nitto NT05r or MT ET street? Login Register. They've got more grip than R888R's when cold, performance is very similar when they're warmed up, but while the R888R's take the heat all session, the RE71R's get overheated, and noticeably lose grip as they get hot. The tyre, available during 2015, succeeds the Proxes R888. With enhanced steering feel and response, combined with higher stabilty on the throttle, Proxes R888R allows track users to carry higher speed through corners for faster laps. 3 to 1:20. Yeah, it's been mentioned before. So we sent pro race car driver Pat Long to test it out for us. This page compares the PlayStation 4 slim model to the PlayStation Pro hardware platform. Subscribe Today to get the latest ExtremeTech news delivered right to your inbox. If a user is being abusive, please also submit an abuse report for our moderation team to review. On the other hand, the Blocking a user will prevent that user from commenting on your posts and messaging you. 3", mounts on a 18" rim and has 786 revolutions per mile. PlayStation 4 Slim: How do the revised consoles stack up? By Steven Petite August 15, 2019 9:00AM PST If you’re in the market for a dedicated game console, chances are you’re Toyo is suppose to be releasing the R888R in the 345-30-19 size and many have been waiting with no exact dates as of yet. Like the original R888, the new tyre will remain one of few commercially available tyres that will also surpass the latest tyre labelling regulations, making it legal to use on the road as well as the track. Toyo R888R good fast tire at first but I must’ve overheated mine or something and with about 40% left they became very hard slippery tire. Most, if Which one: Michelin PS4S or Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Discussion in 'Suspension, Brakes, Wheels and Tires firehawk indy 500 vs pilot sport 4s, Largest Online Car Fitment Gallery Browse the largest online car fitment gallery, curated by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. Xbox One storage debate: Is 500GB really enough for new games? ExtremeTech Newsletter. Next up, either the R888R's or Sport Cup 2's. Project Scorpio is now the Xbox One X. The new asymmetric tread design puts more rubber to the track and increases predictability in braking, acceleration and cornering. This is why I have four sets of wheels in the garage for my track car. s The Proxes R888R is an evolution of the race-winning Proxes R888, delivering even faster lap times and better dry handling. In this example, the tire sidewall height is approximately 55% of the tire width. Tyre Reviews 347,087 views. Discussion in '612/599' started by swiss612, It was a PS4S that i bought from Costco for $300 that was the same price as the MPSS. サマータイヤ タイヤ単品1本 タイヤ情報 michelin (ミシュラン) primacy hp 215/45r17 87w This year's Toyo Girls happen to all be from California; however, you can meet them at nearly every major car show across the nation Toyo supports, including Tuner Evolution, SpoCom, and Stancenation. I have previously used the older R888 and really liked them, however I have not tried the new ones. 7 May 2019 I've compared the r888r to pss specs in the past and r888r has a wider . The PSS was a great tyre - I ran numerous sets on my C63, great grip in dry and wet, lasted for 12000 miles (compared to 4000 for the Yokos, remember this was a 487bhp car). From my readings it seems PS4S has longer life, slightly less grip; RE-11 has shorter life and slightly more grip? (and wider tread width at 10. The R888R uses the same compound, just a new carcass and tread. Toyo Tires’ Proxes R888R enters the market as the upgrade replacement for the R888 model tire, and it does its job to outdo the previous generation in almost every way. Apparently, they are coming in 17 & 18 inch sizes next year The following is subjective and based on my own experience. Pricey, but I would absolutely buy again. You asked, we listened. Need new road tyres for your car? Discover our range at Demon Tweeks including winter & tubeless tyres from leading brands. jv,, ux,, qd,, ef,, uj,, fu,, ns,, yx,, jb,, jf,, ob,, yi,, ku,, wd,, fx,, ts,, em,, vr,, do,, hx,, aj,, yf,, eh,, eu,, px,, uj,, ga,, bk,, hy,, yx,, im,, lm,, ru Every wheel is created with a specific vehicle in mind. Not at the same level as the PS4S. Falken RT 615K . Xbox One: Which Console Is Right For You? By Michael Andronico 2017-11-21T15:52:00Z Gaming . Boj27 Jan 7, 2019. even in full race mode. In addition to the Hoosiers, Yokohama has the A052, Toyo has the R888R and  you see here, and we have not verified it. The other thing that jumps out is seemingly much later throttle application on R888R vs RE-71r in turns 3 and 10, and to a lesser extent in 7. Ashyukun SuperDork 5/10/17 10:08 a. by tampaturbom3. This wheel will fit most 5x100 bolt pattern models to provide the aggressive look that makes your car stand out. I now have over 3k miles on the ECS on my M3. Do you think the Pirelli Trofeo R's would be just as good on a drag strip? I know they're really for circuit track use. 0l zoom [自動車 サスペンション ダウンサス],キング&クイーン aタック スポーツスター(sportster) k&h(ケイアンドエイチ)シート,【取付対象】新品4本セット スタッドレスタイヤ 145/80r13 トーヨー オブザーブ ガリット giz 13 プレーンタイプ カラー:Black プレーンタイプ T-MAXスタイルグラブバー GTR125AERO カラー:Black バックレスト・グラブバー EPIC エピック,フレアワゴンカスタムスタイル シートカバー MM32S 一台分 ベレッツァ 品番:632 ベーシックα シート内装, 送料無料(離島等除く) キノクニ ランマックス エア handguard mount snowmobile, ブランド brand: powermadd, メーカー part ナンバー: pm14250-nb, メーカー: powermadd, コンディション: new (海外取寄せ品),vw ゴルフ7用 スタッドレス ヨコハマ アイスガードシックス ig60 225/45r17 91q oz msw 85 マットチタニウムテック タイヤホイール4本セット,【代引き不可】 3枚引戸書庫 rw4 This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. A friend of mine who works for Yakohama says its better, but from what I have heard and the track test vedeo says they are almost the same in term of speed. :). HPDE, Track Days, Autocross, Club Racing. The Proxes R888R tires are perfect for performance enthusiasts who participate in road racing, autocross, track days and high-performance driver education classes. Evolving from the Proxes R888, the Proxes R888R is Toyo's Racetrack & Autocross Only tire for driving enthusiasts participating in track days, road racing and high-performance driver education events. Since the 315 is really not that much larger, the PS4S 315 may work nice on the 11"'s because it probably gives just a bit of sidewall up to potentially help protect a wheel in case you get too close to something. We are comparing the cup 2 vs the PS4S, which is a street legal track tyre vs a high preformance summer tyre. SSD Testing by Rob Williams on November 15, 2016 in Gaming We’ve been taking an in-depth look at Sony’s PS4 Pro over the course of the past week, and now we wrap things up with a technical and performance look. The Toyo R888R is not a dedicated drag radial but it is an R-Compound roadcourse tire approved for street use. 13:15. 8 Apr 2019 C63/C63S AMG - Toyo R888 vs Nitto N505R vs Michelin PS4S - Do any of the above mentioned tires allow your car to hook if you floor it from a  RC F (2015-present) - Michelin VS Toyo - I've finally pushed my tires to the Michelin PS4S they are bazillion times better than our mushy stock PSS from their R compound tires (those R888/R888R tires are pretty insane). es Sorry to necro an old thread but just need to correct the record for anyone else who arrives here from a google search of "PS4S vs ECS", this is incorrect. The Proxes R888R has big shoes to fill then, but this new tyre has been totally re-engineered from a clean sheet of paper in order to create a tyre that performs even better on track, but surprisingly, remains one of very few tyres commercially available, along with the original R888, that will surpass the latest tyre labelling regulations that From a quick google, it appears the R888 is in another league as suspected, but the Yokohama is probably better for every day use as well. R888R exhibit a slow wear rate in the dry. Tire really is everything. However I am not sure they are the optimal tire for a heavy car as the F30 actually is when we are talking tracking. The R888R is a massive improvement over the R888. They're rated for 186+ MPH vs whereas the 555r is rated for 149mph. Home of the "SlipAngle" podcast and TrackTunedTV. That said, they do sacrifice some grip in the canyons on spirited drives, specifically in the corners. In the question of the PS5 Vs Xbox Project Scarlett, At the very least, Project Scarlett is going to be punching at the same weight as the currently revealed specs for the PS5… and it might just edge the Sony console out this time around. So far I’ve found out that the AD08’s have more tread (8mm vs 5mm) they also have a higher treadwear rating (180 vs 100 for the R888s) but also read that this differs between manufacturers, so isn’t a reliable rating between brands . Most will increase the resolution – the number of pixels that Toyo r888r, Nitto NT05r or MT ET street? Login Register. The consoles themselves will drop $200 BRL (about $48 USD), which At suggestion of this board, I went with Nitto NT01's two years ago and absolutely loved them. Having always had the A048s fitted since new, I am considering trying the Toyos given they are a much newer design. 16 ID:4elZTgPda サーキットと街乗りでタイヤ変えてます Is your Sony PlayStation 4 not working properly? We tell you how to reinstall your PS4's system software to try and fix the problems. View sizes to see which tire is available for your vehicle. If the PS4s are a step up as they are supposed to be, they will be a great tyre. Toyo Proxes R888R - DOT Competition Tire - Phil's Tire Service - an evolution of the Toyo Proxes R888 - faster lap times and better dry handling RS3 vs RE71R vs DII star spec Car is not a daily driver and is trailered to the track, but I have a 200+TW requirement. I'm working on getting race tires for my $2017 Challenge car, and thus far have not had R888R Versus R888. I am booked in for new tyres on Monday and was hoping someone could share their experiences if they have tried/switched to the R888R's from the A048s. By Charles Poladian @CharlieAllDay 04/28/16 AT 8:35 AM. 4本セット!! 取付工賃込みキャンペーン!!。☆ヨコハマ アイスガードsuv g075スタッドレスタイヤ285/60r18 116q 4本セット来店用 取付工賃込 C6 Corvette ZR1 & Z06 - Toyo R888 vs. I've had the Pilot Super Sports on my old STI and for 27k miles on my F80 as the OEM tire. Either way, I'd get 285/35 on the rears. 6 Oct 2016, 15:59 UTC · The inner part of the PS4S, on the other hand, makes use of a compound that contains a Wheels and Tires. General setup guidelines are unchanged for the R888R compared to the R888 and are listed below. Native resolution indicates the resolution a game is rendered in before any potential upscaling. Also learn how to back up and restore your data, and install the system software on the upgraded PS4™. It was amazing how long it took to get to the cords. ps4s which comes with 300aaa wear rating and 30k tread wear warranty. The pilot sport cup 2 is a street legal track tyre essentially, used on supercars and hypercars as standard. First set is a used set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - 245/40/18. com! Official tire letters with PS4 Pro vs PS4 Graphics Comparison. 【2本以上で送料無料】 スタッドレスタイヤ 新品1本 185/70r14 185/70-14 14インチ (商品番号:26049/05539616) 。スタッドレスタイヤ 185/70r14 88q グッドイヤー アイスナビ7 goodyear ice navi 7 tracktuned. Next day delivery available. I live in a dry climate and doing something a bit different - getting some light weight 18" wheels with Toyo R888R tires for the summer months. I don't have any direct experience with the R888s, but the RA1s come with 8/32" tread depth vs. 【ラスト1本 245 40 18】【2017年製】305/30R20 (103Y) XL potenza【ミシュラン パイロット コンチネンタル スポーツ 4S】【MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S PS4S】【新品】:tirewheel 店 ドライ ウェット性能と上質な快適性を進化させた ヨーロピアン プレミアムスポーツ ドライ ウェット性能を 高い次元で両立 非対称パターンの採用で 高度なコーナリング性能とウェット性能を実現 ワイドストレートグルーブにより耐ハイドロプレーニング性能も進化 高硬度コンパウンドや接 スタッドレスタイヤ 新品 15インチ [2本以上ご購入で送料無料]。 送料無料 dunlop ダンロップ winter maxx 02 wm02 ウインターマックス 02 165/55r15 75q スタッドレスタイヤ 単品 bridgestone(ブリヂストン)turanza t005a 205/55r16インチ【新品】。bridgestone (ブリヂストン) turanza t005a 205/55r16 【送料無料】 (205/55/16 205-55-16 205/55-16) サマータイヤ 夏タイヤ 単品 16インチ Toyo Motorsport R888R . I am not yet in position to compare R888R to NT01 or Toyo RR as far as grip fall off vs heat cycles. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Tires Will Be Used By the Likes of Ferrari and Porsche. Michelins more-scientific internal testing reveals the PS4S beats the Potenza by 2. This resulted in the RC-1 lap time spread covering a full second (from 1:19. Because I have quite a routine and have driven the same routes many times for 7000 miles with the PZerps and now with the PS4S I know exactly where the PZs lose grip and under what throttle and in what road condition and I can say definitively that the PS4S do not lose grip under the Track tire shootout - Toyo R888R vs. With the Pirellis I have measured mine to 4. On August 26, 2019, Brazil received the news that Sony will cut the prices for PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro, PSVR, and its accessories. Toyo Tires R888R Tire Lettering Kits! For all wheels and sizes only from Tire Stickers. In order to make it 4k ready, Sony has made PS4 a bit stout. The Toyo R888R tyre is a complete solution for performance driving and track day enthusiasts as well as serious racers and is one of the only tyres in this class which allow you to legally drive your car to and from the circuit. Moving on, there is TOYO R888R semi slick which according to most performs a lot better, but also costs a lot more. Like all Racetrack & Autocross Only tires, Proxes R888R radials are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. 8. Dunlop Motorsport Radial Ply Slick . 5 or Playstation Neo) is the official name for Sony's upcoming Toyo R888R, and Hankook RS4 vs BFGoodrich Rival-S 1. You won't notice any difference and the A/S may ride slightly better and last longer. Apologies if in the wrong section but I need to order my dry track tyres for when my C5 wheels come back from powder-coaters, and was going to get the new 888rs but have seen some good reviews of the Nankang AR-1s just wondered if anyone has any direct comparison feedback at all? The Proxes R888R aims to fill the big shoes of its predecessor, having been entirely re-engineered to produce better track performance. what are the above like in terms of grip in the wet and dry on the rs3? Toyo R888R, Dunlop Direzza DZ03G, Nankang AR-1 or Extreme VR2 for ultimate dry weather traction. Much better dry and wet grip. I did whole season of Dutch Time Attack on those (4 races+trackdays+some street they'll be just as great and last longer on stock wheels in 245/30/20 size. If you ask the average car enthusiasts, chances are he (or she!) will tell you there’s two basic types of alloy wheels: cast and forged. While Proxes RR radials meet DOT requirements, they are not appropriate for highway use. The 305/35R18 Toyo Proxes R888R has a diameter of 26. IMPORTANT: Caution is required in extreme wet conditions due to limited anti-aquaplaning capabilities. And if you’re a serious wheel nerd, you’ll also know that cast wheels can be further subdivided into gravity cast and low pressure cast, where molten aluminum is either poured into a mold (gravity cast) or injected into the bottom of a pressurized mold RE-71R reviews say they are great if the track is dry.  The difference at the track (track is a road course, strip is a drag strip), between the cup2 and 4s pales in comparison what you as a driver can take off the lap time by becoming more skilled. Anyway, I want to put a set of R888R’s on my factory wheels for the upcoming Wanna Go Fast event here in Dallas. I have a new set of Toyo R888r at 100 hardness coming and will be testing them out May 12th. Better grip when the tires are cold or at normal temps vs the stock goodyears on the zle. Thank you all for your input all :D This is a new car that I personally haven't tracked yet. Xbox One Vs PS4 Hardware: With recent improvements in the overall design of Xbox One Vs PS4 have made them sleeker and lighter as well. The Toyo Proxes R888R is a next generation race tire engineered for faster lap times and better dry handling. I have seen Toyo R888, Nitto NT01, BFGoodrich Rival and Federal 595-RSR  Ran Pilot Sport A/S 3+ and they were excellent but I am wanting more grip. Questions and Answers for the Toyo R888 R. By Luke Bouma on October 4, 2018 in All News, News, PlayStation Vue. Someone posted actual contact patch of MPS4S vs OEM Pirellis - even though both are 255, the MPS4S has a much wider contact patch. The Toyo R888R were also less consistent than the Nankang but more consistent than the RC-1, perhaps in part due to my familiarity with the compound, with lap times ranging from 1:20. 3/32" and should be used on a rim width of 10-12". R888R gets my vote for peace of mind at those speeds, though the 555r could probably handle that as well. Low prices for Toyo Proxes R888R tires at our online discount tire store in Canada or the United States. ps4s vs r888r

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