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Cw keyer project

Morse adaptor for your VHF/UHF FM rig. A good share of it is based on Simple iambic keyer with capacitive touch Key and integrated lcd decoder using atmega328/Arduino to practice sending CW (Morse) project and at first it worked but CW or morse code keys have been an important part of communications for over 150 years. Project Documents. Or individually: Logikey CMOS 4 Keyer – Electronic Morse Keyer. 0. A CW keyboard interface, CW reader, iambic paddle keyer, backlit LCD display, and optically isolated keying outputs are all presented in one compact box. Also, a standard PS/2 nal. Build a simple CW keyer in 10 minutes (video) Automatic Morse CQ CW Keyer Welded. I wanted a keyer that would take multiple inputs, paddles, straight key, and computer keyboard. I have tested the firmware on both a mega and a uno. If your present keyer only does iambic modes, you want to try the ultimatic mode with your dual paddle, and don’t want to buy a new keyer, you can breadboard either of these circuits in less than an hour. Code practice oscillator. This circuit in figures 1a and 1b is a simple keyer which can be built for as little as $6 with some junk box parts. What makes the keyer different is its versatility - it is a multi-mode unit, with ASK and FSK modulation, able to send Feld-Hell and Morse on command. Products 1 - 20 of 95 2017 version of my Arduino Iambic Keyer projects. This is the schematic of the keyer selector. Twin lead telephone line "killu" RF characteristics 2005 Pharos - CW Beacon Keyer A Picaxe Morse Code keyer project with source code and links to useful resources by K6ACJ #hamradio #hamr qrp-labs. Well almost. Problem with that is that my radio has to stay in SSB. It features digital tuning, dual VFOs, RIT, CW Keyer and more. Ramsey Electronics . K1EL K-20 CW keyer and keyboard product reviews by real people like you. If you would like to volunteer to help make it better, your assistance would greatly appreciated and your name and callsign would be immortalized as a supporter of this project. Two Valve CW transmitter. It has call signs and other data in memory to play back. Reply Delete looking at how to build a simple Arduino based Morse Keyer. My CW keyer uses an RCA jack, so I could use the same cable for both the keyer & straight key. 64-character USB typeahead buffer and 6-character Morse key typeahead buffer. Packet radio is an early amateur radio technology that dates back to the early 1980s – a time when a lot of technology was really just finding its feet. Interface radio homebrew NO serial NO usb, nice project 934, 18, Interface Manual,KK7UQ USB WinKey Keyer is a natural CW interface HostMode. Aug 24, 2019 A PIC16F886-based CW auto keyer with USB and Morse key interfaces. While looking for either a second matching binding post or a set that would work, I came up with the idea of using an RCA jack. A dual lever paddle, a piezo buzzer and a potentiometer are connected to the Netduino. A simple DIY project for a remote cw key connected to your Flex Rig (actually it can be any other rig). The advanced CW user that wants a keyer with direct keyboard access and which function automatic with his contest programs on his PC. 25 16F628A Basic Functionality and Beacon Code. nanoKeyer Kit, PCB REV. Serious CW operators know that a paddle is the way to go to make CW easy and fun. David N8DAH from Kit Projects has kits available that will be of interest to µBITx constructors. Just one cable from the serial port on the PC to the interface handles FSK, PTT, and CW. Save this seller. Contact Radiodan via e-mail or Secure Orderform Call 9AM-6PM M ST 310 995-3939 or 970 295-4200 Radiodan 6493 Thompson Dr. Thanks. Using links to these sites means I may earn a small percentage of the purchase at no extra cost to you. On the local side it uses a key (better a keyer) connected to a serial port of your pc. Zag je naam voorbij komen in een mailtje van Aeilko van der Wagen (de enige andere ham van Soesterberg, hi) Hij schreef dat jij hem geholpen had met de Arduino software voor zijn DDS protect. pdf), I created a simple iambic keyer. Jul 2, 2019 This is an open source Arduino based CW (Morse Code) keyer with a lot . A CW (Morse Code) Keyer For The Arduino. When all this interest in radio started a few years ago I remember putting something similar to “amateur radio project kit” into Google in the hope of finding something to build which would teach me a few things. It has a transistor to key some radios, but with a little modification, it can key any radio. The keyer presented here is a generic circuit that can be used with any homebrew transceiver to operate in CW mode, for practicing the code etc. ARRL HB 93 CHP 29 FIG. May 31, 2015 At Dayton, I had so much fun giving out my CW Geek buttons that I started to open-source microcontroller platform in amateur radio projects,  Once licensed I used CW to make a number contacts on the air. In this project, we will print out Morse Code of a sentence typed in Serial Monitor by flashing LED for each word and space between them. Miniature speaker can also be connected to the circuit. Y ou may be thinking: Just what the world needs, another Arduino-based keyer. 99 to $15. I started getting into CW contesting and chasing CW DX. The video above shows some of the basic software functionality starting to work. But along with the paddle, a certain amount of electronics is needed to produce the necessary dots and dashes. This is the one thing that has perplexed me about this project. Easy FM Keyer : Variable Bandwidth CW Filter. It is Altoids® tin compatible, and installation instructions are included in the assembly manual. Thank you Mr Myagi. I've been dabbling in CW namely for contesting and working on Create a Morse Code Keyer Practice Rig This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon. CW7 CMOS CW KEYER KIT INSTRUCTION MANUAL. io. While everybody may participate and use the data in this document for his The small slide switch on the keyer box is to separate the key mechanism from the TICK-2 keyer chip, so that I can use the key with a separate keyer. If my Keyer had a side tone oscillator built in the Code Practice Oscillator would not be needed. For less than $20, the TICK single-chip keyer is probably the most popular, requiring only a handful of external parts to accomplish an iambic-paddle-type keyer. CW and Voice Keyer - FA-SM - The Funkamateur Station Manager (BX-182) After finishing this year's (2014) CQ WW SSB contest, one of the items that I missed during the contest was a voice keyer. You can choose from a wide range of projects, and I being a radio amateur, ended up choosing the K3NG Arduino CW-Keyer. Another view without the glass. Adding to this demise was the fact that I could never Raspberry Pi(or LINUX) - A complete morse code cw station - using free software then load an imabic keyer ladish project from one of the makes for a complete morse code CW station with ST Beacon Keyers is a curation of 42 resources about , OZ2M - Next generation beacon, Arduino Beacon, Next generation beacon, 30 Metre QRSS Beacon, Build a 10 Meter Beacon. It supports the CQWW, the WPX, the ARRL-DX , the ARRL-FD, the PACC and the EU SPRINT contests (single operator) as well as a LOT MORE basic contests, general QSO and DXpedition mode. remaining wire cuttings for your NEXT project! ❒ 40b. Fully Iambic Electronic Keyer with Don't be turned off by CW, it will grow on you. Editor's note: If you are just starting out with CW, it is your choice as to which type of key to use. I recently decided to build another project, this time involving morse code and the arduino. org. The most unique feature of the IQ Keyer is low-dostortion, adjustable level, I and Q audio output that can directly modulate IQ baseband transceivers like the RS-HFIQ and the Softrock with low-latency CW, allowing these transceivers to operate CW smoothly and efficiently. If you've ever wanted to change keys on one rig or use one key on several rigs, this gadget makes it easy. Keyer Selector Firmware [Sebastian] is learning Morse code and CW radio, and of course he needed a telegraph key. In Sept/Oct 2009 QEX magazine Richard Chapman KC4IFB published an article describing the construction of an Iambic Keyer using an Arduino. LightAPRS is the most affordable, smallest, lightest, powerful and one of few open source APRS trackers available. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here This is a YACK (Yet Another CW Keyer) , it is open source and has been modified to have memories, and is very good for CW practice. 5" x 1. The dual lever paddle consists of two separately actuated switches, one for the dits and one for the dahs. radioartisan. Don't underestimate how refined a really good keyer is. 60 WPM)  CW Paddle - KO4BB. Item ANNOUNCING: Mortty SP – Speed Pot accessory for the Mortty keyer kit! Click HERE for photos and details . 16 thoughts on “ An Iambic Keyer In 5 Minutes ” Keyer Cable Sets Also Available. Hoi Ernest. The firmware is open source code provided by K3NG so you can customize it to fit your needs. This is an easy afternoon project to switch multiple cw keys between several rigs. It will help us ensure that we reserve enough space for all of the creativity. See picture below. 19. K3NG CW Keyer Project PCB | Seller information. But of course, once you have learned the basics great stuff — i have been following the arduino for some time but have never bought one — now i need to !!! — would like to figure out a morse decoder with an lcd screen with inputs directly for a qrp rig ( tuna tin swl type rigs) and or some type of freq readout from the smaller rigs !! The intermediate CW user who want a CW keyer that works with the computer, have a built in fully functional decoder and a keyboard port for use instead of the CW keyer. This means there is a huge amount of code space unused for project improvement. The reception also works flawlessly when connected directly to a K1EL keyer that produces flawless CW pulses. Well, one of my wishes on my bucketlist, was to find a good, reliable, project to build such a combined CW decoder / decoder. Here are the updates: I added relay and optocoupler for PTT control; The “CW melody” selection pins have three jumpers for 8 combinations This is a PIC keyer I wrote several years ago that can be used as an outboard keyer, internal to an existing rig, or as a CW beacon. Plug keys into the box inputs, and plug each of the box outputs into a rig. This project began when my good friend Andre ZS2ACP advertised looking for a K3EL Winkey in early 2017. Mode A is far more popular. This is the parts list with part numbers from Mouser. ‘Summit Prowler IV’ is a scratch-built six-band SSB and CW transceiver, designed for portable and SOTA activations. It measures 2. Some devices are still available "brand new" in the original factory package and are guaranteed to work! The keyer selector can also be used with a single transmitter and a receiver (MO1. I had a few ideas for the design. This site and services provided by SoftwareCW LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates are protected by United States and International Trademarks. Notes: 1] If you're going to experiment with this project, then solder the Jaycar 10K PCB mounted potentiometers onto the PEKS shield board. It is configured as an astable mode of which the output will oscillate once the 9V power supply is connected to the circuit. 2,132 likes · 8 talking about this. Principle - arduino keyer identifies the played characters (enabled echo feature in K3NG code) and sending to server for playing with other hardware of the cw  morse keys, electronic keyers, morse decoders etc. 5mm audio jack some extra solid wire for short connections I was so excited when I got the Arduino Nano, I had […] Thanks! Looking to home brew one for an electronic keyer that is built in my rig. 8 Addendum Products. After getting my license I fell in love with the digital modes and stopped practicing and sending code. Included is a 6 foot shielded cable with molded 3. 50. (VE3VXO has also ported this code to the PIC18 series. That means less operator skill for better cw transmitter keying. 1 mm DC power plug, and a shielded keying cable that goes from the keyer to the rig. Makers of voice and CW keyers, PC sound card to radio interfaces, and  Dec 29, 2007 This is a simple and small CW keyer project. Mortty v3 – CW and FSK Peripheral, Documentation Page 1 Mortty v3- Morse Code and RTTY Keyer Mortty is a Do-It-Yourself construction project that provides a miniature enclosure and a computing platform for K0SM’s TinyFSK RTTY Keyer software or K3NG’s W Keyer software. The result was a very nice interface board that does both my FSK and CW keying with full isolation and RF filtering. As you can, it took just a few lines of code to make the auto-keyer and you can use this code as a starting point. Wireless Society of Southern Maine CW Page, information on the topic of wireless telegraphy, cw operating, morse code history, telegraph keys, key collecting, code proficiency, learning the morse code, and cw-related links This is a simple QRSS callsign keyer based on an Atmega AVR programmed in C, the ATtiny13 with 1K of program space and 64 bytes of data memory. A 3 position rotary switch, a pair of 1/4" phone jacks for the CW-Computer Interface and external keyer interface, . EASY BUILD CW DECODER BASED ON DSP GOERTZEL CODE If you want to build a cw decoder without using other active components than an atmel 328 - Arduino UNO , then this is sure something for you. Ubitx AGC. 60 WPM) This project will be an open source CW keyer designed for the HamStack hardware. Originally started as a project to help me learn PIC programming, it evolved into a fairly robust keyer that can be built using parts costing only a few dollars. Hence, I found the idea for the project input. In the Wilderness SST, I added K1EL’s dedicated hardware keyer with good results. The project described here is a iambic capacitive touch key which uses 2 AA size batteries for 3v power, draws <1mA current and has an ‘on’ switching resistance of <0. I'm not a hard-core CW fan. Logikey K5, K3 and CMOS 3 – Replacement Chip Set There was an arduino keyer writeup in QST a few years ago. Just relax and have a few casual QSOs with your Walkabout. His advertisement was seen by Henry Chamberlain ZS1AAZ, who was dabbling with Arduino Amateur Radio-related projects. Usually a device called a "paddle" or "bug" is used for input switching (sending). 1W Audio output. Tinkerings with DDS VFOs. Morse Code Touch Keyer/Autocoder: I actually built this project some time ago but thought somebody might be able to use the idea. I have finished this project successfully with great pleasure. Author Chuck W5UXH built the keyer for use in high speed rag chew sessions (50+ WPM) that were beyond the capabilities of his paddle skill. While I have spent time operating with a straight key, I have never really enjoyed it or gotten good at it. 2006 1206 size pcb added 29. It is written in C using the Microchip C18 compiler. Mortty is a Do-It-Yourself construction project that provides a miniature enclosure and a computing platform for K0SM’s TinyFSK RTTY Keyer software or K3NG’s CW Keyer software. Only at eHam. CW input sent on the paddle written in C, emulates a PS/2 keyboard and into the output from a standard PS/2 key- a PS/2 mouse using a CW keyer paddle for board. Morse Key, Paddles and Keyer Suppliers Also see the section CW Kit Suppliers for keyer  Introducing the future of sending CW, HobbyPCB's innovative IQ Keyer, brings CW into the This is an excellent project for the first-time kit builder with excellent  Feb 17, 2016 Mini USB dongle with STM32F0xx is suitable many for simple, mini projects. K3NG CW Keyer / CW Decoder . In French G4AXX Voice keyer Interface Hello all -- I have the following pic chips and want to know which one would be better for a cw keyer for my beacon project ( will need to be a + 12v output key ) here are the chips i have 1 - pic18f252-1/sp 3 - pic16f84a-04/p 1 - 12c508a 041/p3ft This is an open source Arduino based CW (Morse Code) keyer developed by K3NG with a lot of features and flexibility, rivaling commercial keyers which often cost significantly more. I took a standard Arduino UNO, an LCD keypad shield, a relay module and a piezo buzzer. See other items. I’ve decided to learn about the new digital modes to revisit my CW interest. With the Contest Card, you simply record your CQs, call sign, signal reports, etc. The first thing I did was search for similar projects. Just plug in your keyer paddle and program your ID message. 1, updated 2019-03-23 PIC Keyer The information presented on this page describe the functionality of a PIC Keyer project that I have been working on. There is a lot of CW learning, plus send and receive software on the Internet. Project : Morse Keyer and Macro Sender for PZTLog Pro Currently work-in-progress but under test in my Shack. When testing with an HF radio, sending timing was excellent. Idéal pour apprendre le morse et s'entraîner à sa pratique ! In this project, touch input paddles were made to allow for fast operation of the key. I had a 1/8″ steel cutout that I will be placing the plexiglass on top of Published in CW Project: Moving along Pacific Antenna strives to offer the best quality, affordable, antennas and kits available in today's market and make your kit project a complete success. In other projects. Works great on either. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Looking for something different like the one you posted. Here you will find PDF files for the sketches and libraries that you can print out and study, as well as the sketch and library files themselves for use with the Arduino projects in this book. After iwo months of hightech digital communications, it seems ironic that this month we're about to build a CW keyer. Shop Code Electronic Keyers and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 at DX Engineering! Get a jump-start on any a project requiring a CW IDer with The IRLP is a closed source project intended to link various amateur stations around the world via VoIP – essentially combining technologies to build a more robust and powerful network. DESCRIPTION Up for sale CW Keyer KIT. - eHam. My keyer is based on a Microchip PIC 16F84 microcontroller and it uses a small number of components. Nice looking project. This is a simple and small CW keyer project. . The Ham Keyer uses 2 independent 1/4" inputs for straight key and paddle while the MFJ-493 uses a 1/8" stereo plug for the paddle. In this small article I will present a quick and dirty hack to build an electronic CW iambic keyer in 5 minutes. I found the project in Ham Radio Magazine. 00. com. CW Keyer/Practice oscillator Antenna (J-Poles, Dipoles, Moxons, Beams, Loop) The Four-State QRP Group has brought back the thrill of those days gone by with the Murania receiver! Designed by David Cripe NM0S, this simple kit is the perfect starter project to get young people interested in our hobby or to bring back those warm memories gained listening to your first portable radio. The AVR MINI-Keyer By Murray Greenman ZL1BPU Description of a simple keyer for HF and VHF beacons. A CW Automatic Keyer. The motivation this time was the requirement for 2 reed relay outputs. The vertical keys are spaced 0. Find this and other hardware projects on Hackster. Build this clever touch paddle keyer with iambic functionality and rediscover CW. zip and copy the folder CW_Keyer_IQ to your documents K3NG Arduino CW Keyer. The output of the Keyer is also connected to the Arduino CW Trainer. Each of the two external keyers have female RCA jacks for output. Install C10, . The applications are: cw - a CW sending 'engine' that reads characters from stdin, sounds them on either the sound card, or the console speaker, and echoes them to stdout. Arduino CW Keyer Open source Arduino based CW (Morse Code) keyer with a lot of features and flexibility, often rivaling commercial keyers. This is VERY cheap considering how much Keys go for new! and since I have access to computer equipment day in and day out, I usually receive bad "computer" mice frequently. Its long, non-volatile memory space allows messages up to 90 seconds at 25 WPM. CW KEY ASSEMBLED PCB Ham Radio Morse Code kit DIY keyer - $10. RF actuated CW monitor. These can be implemented many ways (and indeed, there’s many bits of code one could download) and many simply hardcode the sequence for the callsign. I hope you enjoy my Walkabout! The K42 is the Swiss Army knife of CW keyers, it will provide lots of CW operation and enjoyment. Contribute to k3ng/k3ng_cw_keyer development by creating an account on GitHub. Experiments with low power UHF transmitter modules. Simple Circuit electronic keyer Serious CW operators know that a paddle is the way to go to make CW easy and fun. run on not much more than a cool breeze. 4SQRP Group provides sample Altoids® labels in separate PDF files. CW keyer The PIC-MORSE is an electronic iambic keyer, integrating a generator of Morse code and a sidetone. , and play them back through your PC with the touch of a key. com/arduino-… it to fit your needs and also perhaps learn from it or find coding ideas for other projects. The IC-211 @M SSB/CW rig has a goofy keying circuit that doesn't provide enough unkeyed voltage at the CW jack to There are many posts in this sub about those who made the K3NG Keyer. 01. W9XT Contest Card is a PC plug-in board that contains a voice keyer (DVK) and CW interface. I hope you will enjoy it and have a great building and operating experience with it. Arduino Morse Code Keyer/Oscillator Dennis Kidder has projects for a keyer, as PS2 keyboard keyer, and a CW decoder. The HobbyPCB IQ Keyer is a full function Iambic, memory CW Keyer. CW Key-to-Rig Switch Box. See for yourself in the quick demonstration video. This is an open-source hardware project solely for private and hobby reasons. Page 2 ment binary number. . I do not have easy access to 3/4″ Material so I’ve made the spacer out of 3 1/4″ Plates of steel. Growing up, I got my ham radio license at age 13 and worked a lot of CW on 80 meters. SO2R Box uSO2R Box Radio 1 Radio 2 Operator. Arduino CW Trainer. It is small enough to put in my pocket whenever I’m on the go and I want to practice my CW sending. It uses an ATMEL ATtiny 2313 ( Atmel's ATtiny2313 page) microcontroller, which is a 20pin device  project (http://w8bh. I guess, RPi-0 is the hardware for a standalone full rich keyer project. There are a lot (25) of TTL integrated circuits in this keyer. The hardware design was the simple part, requiring nothing more than connec- tions from the key to the PIC and a single transistor to key the rig. I was working on programming a keyer and decided to put it on hold long enough to take on another programming project - to create a gizmo that would connect to a keyer's paddle input and keyed line output and make the timing measurements to answer my questions. While searching for voice keyer kits I came across the FA-SM . A PIC16F886-based CW auto keyer with USB and Morse key interfaces. The idea being you can send however you like, without needing to change around cables, just send. I found his sketch easy to understand and a great place to start an Iambic Keyer project. A telegraph key is a specialized electrical switch used by a trained operator to transmit text An iambic keyer requires a dual paddles, one for dits and one for dahs; pressing The efficiency of iambic keying has recently been discussed in terms of movements per character and timings for high speed CW. I already have a Bencher Paddle, but would like to try to make one by myself for fun without copying the one I have. a straight key; a CW paddle; text to CW from a computer via USB; In addition to conventional keying output designed to drive the CW input on commercial or home-brew transceivers, the IQ Keyer provides quadrature audio sinewave outputs designed to drive the audio I and Q inputs of Software Overview Morse Code and RTTY Keyer. This was a great project which got him a little further into ham radio and also to help him learn about how solar activity can affect all kings of radio communications. To discriminate your posts from the rest, you need to pick a nickname. In the last year, people have ask me if it was possible to write something about a project for a combined CW decoder / encoder. 5V/1. I downloaded the his sketch from arrl. Posts about CW written by 2e0dfu. All profit from this project goes to other ham related Projects such as the  In January, 2008 I put together the WKUSB CW keyer kit. A fun afternoon assembly project with instant gratification. 75″ apart. It’s nothing much but it’s a start. It determines dot, dash and space times in milliseconds and reports ratios and WPM. com and the designers of the many amazing kits Hamcrafters offers. As mentioned Budd Churchward had created a series of videos on how he wrote the Sketch, created a PCB and published his code. The CW speed can be set from 6 – 45 words per minute and two message buffers, one non-volatile, for frequently sent text are provided. The µBITX is a general coverage HF SSB/CW transceiver kit with features you demand for operating ease, convenience and versatility. Following on from the simple CW touch keys in the previous page, this page shows a capacitive touch project which is the ideal touch sensitive key solution. "UPL". See you in September! A few ideas . Mini-Project: Discreet Transistor CW Keyer; Part 1 Summertime in SE Michigan is painfully short, so I try to make the most of it while it lasts, reserving my hibernation-in-the-shack time for the seemingly endless winter months. Total cost was under $25 What do Details about K3NG CW Keyer Project PCB. BY . unixcw - about About. I did AVR Butterfly Keyer. K3NG has written a top-notch keyer based on the arduino platform. CW Sender Part II : The Arduino Sketch for the Bug Keyer featured in Part II. Programmable CW Morse Keyer / beacon. This project has base on the K3NG Arduino keyer open-source firmware adding many features and flexibility. If I waited I could have used … Continue reading "CW Keyer In Fabrication" Kit Project sells ND6T AGC mod and two CW keyer kits. 02. net. This circuit in figures 1a and 1b is a simple keyer which can be built for as board (RS 276-150) and no printed circuit board is available for this project. Tlf is a console (ncurses) mode general purpose CW/VOICE keyer, -logging and -contest program for hamradio. I sourced a very nice kit from N0XAS called the "ID-O-Matic". Morse Code Translator This is a simple straight key I built from scratch. I am a ham radio guy and got into it a little late in life when I retired and had the time. The mini beacon keyer can be used when powered with 5V. I first began using a keyboard (KB) to generate CW about 25 years ago, when (after thousands of hours on the iambic keyer) I finally realized I wasn't ever going to get very good at it. Allows you to connect a Paddle (or straight) Key and also send macros from PZTLog Pro – great for contests or even standalone use as a practice oscillator or for /P ops. Wide-swing variable crystal oscillator. Very small CW keyer designed for to use with JUMA-TX1 transmitter. Attiny85 will be programmed. I as a 99% CW operator would love to see the CW Keyer function put back into the gateware so that an external keyer is not required for CW operation (other than with a straight key that is). This kit includes the assembled and tested CW Keyer PCB and parts you can see on the pics. You get a memory keyer, with 3 programmable 40-character memories, iambic A & B mode, straight key and bug mode, 2 beacon modes, and variable speed control by either a 100K pot or the paddles themselves. a contest keyer using an Arduino. Keyer Selector Schematic. One project I did early on was a vacuum tube keyer. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Assembled Morse Sound Oscillator CW Practice DIY KIT Ham Project +English Manual at the best online prices at eBay! Simple CW keyer 2005 . 75", this is an EZ-to-build small footprint project with large impact on your operating capabilities, whether in the shack or in the field. (Budd's Sketch is available here) I simply downloaded the sketch and uploaded it to the Arduino. 0 license: The loop function of my code is below. Many still enjoy the art of CW communications. However, using an Arduino board for something as simple as a CW keyer is an H-bomb-to-kill-an-ant approach to the problem. Steve will discuss aspects of kit design and building, including the PaddleStick CW Keyer that will be built during our February 13 Tech Night. The STM-11 classic is the new edition of the already sold-out STM-11 ARMY. (Like most things in the open source world, this wiki is under construction / evolving. I've been dabbling in CW namely for contesting and working on I decided to build my own keyer. This solid-state keyer project uses late 1960's vintage Fairchild uL923 JK During a subsequent CW QSO with ZS6OS in South Africa I mentioned that I was   Feb 13, 2016 Hamcrafters K16-BAT CW Keyer Kit. YAACWK is the cheapest Memory Keyer Morse Coder and Decoder with K3ng SW. Just as many people enjoy listening out for messages via digital police scanners or communicating via two-way radio to create their own HAM radio stations, this provides another exciting way to use this technology. Mortty CW and RTTY Keyer Kit – v3, released 2018-07-05 FANticipator KPA1500 Console and Fan Controller – v2. This is an Arduino based device for generating Morse code using:. An Arduino project is recommended for everyone who is interested in computer programming or in tinkering with electronics. Breneiser, WA3WSJ I was looking for a keyer to install in my 30M Walkabout Radio and picked this Walkbout QRP Project. I enabled the following features: - straight key - padd Morse Keyer Project Basically the "P3W CW Touch Keyer kit" referenced above is a complete rip-off at $29, and if you want to combine it with other stuff in your Available only as a PCB, this keyer is amazingly well documented and is the only project I found which was originated by a real QRQ (high-speed-CW) operator. I attached speaker to Timer14 PWM output (Pin PA6) and LED (or  I don't remember exactly when but it was quite a project. g. The project took on a life of its own r most of the time I have been ac- live on the HF bands, I have used various electronic keyers with a Vibroplex paddle. Before getting all the keyer code written, there is a bunch of features that needed to be put in place first. For details see attached file. The Ultra PicoKeyer kit includes the pre-programmed and ready to use Ultra PicoKeyer chip, a high quality solder masked and silkscreened PCB, and all parts needed to build a complete keyer, AND a custom cabinet drilled and machined to fit the keyer. Speed is controlled with 100k potentiometer. Support for both standalone and USB operating modes. Iambic Keyer free 3D print model. Download and open the attached file IQ_Keyer_Sketch. NMØS Cricket 30 Miniature CW keyer (elbug) OH2NLT. QRO LNA lineup is presented in this project. I finally got around to getting my project off the breadboad. 1Ω with a 3v supply. The board is 1-3/4" by 2-1/2" in size. 6-page message memory. It has rotary encoder synthesised tuning, VFO A/B/Split, Iambic keyer, CW decoder, The "QCX" is a 5W, single-band, high performance CW transceiver kit with  Since this is a CW only radio I brushed up on my code using software called So in searching for a training tool I ran across the DK3LJ YACK keyer project and  The Ham Keyer is a multi mode CW keyer and decoder build on the K3NG platform . In Mode B, the keyer finishes the dit or dah being sent and then sends the opposite (dah or dit) once. Back in stock! CW Keyer. An external keyer, like this one, is useful for old transmitters and also for new ones, because of the other features it delivers: the message memory, the beacon mode, the possibility to practice Morse. CW Touch Key/er. So, “All in One”. How to build the IK0WRB Keyer. )? I have 4-5 CW keys on my desk at any given time and 3-4 radios. MegaPK-II keyer kit - an 8 pin keyer chip/kit with many practice modes - 10/10/2011 - now includes a silk screened, solder masked board; PK-DC keyer chip kit - a replacement for the stock keyer chip in the DC-xx and Simple Keyer kits - 5/20/2007; Norcal Keyer chips - the same 8 pin keyer chips used in the Norcal Keyer kit - 2/3/2006 The Minty Kool Keyer - A 3 I. Open keyer project. Portions of this project were constructed while that call was valid, and you may observe references to it. Feb 16, 2016 Mini USB dongle with STM32F0xx is suitable many for simple, mini projects. Instead of using the terribly unergonomic paddle style key, he built a capacitive touch iambic key over This keyer project follows on from a few other PICAXE electronic keyer projects developed in the backyard shed. In addition, the K42 will operate many different In this project the BASIC code only uses 1,030 bytes of slot 0. If your thinking of participating, please let us know a little about your project by using the contact us form or by sending an email. If you want to get started with microprocessor programming, putting together and programming the PIC16F690 is an easy first project. YAACWK, stands for Yet Another Arduino CW Keyer, it's the cheapest morse memory keyer, computer less with ps2 keyboard cw coder, programmed memory, display and cw decoder based on K3ng software cw keyer free download. QRPGuys Iambic Mini Paddle – $20 This project is similar in scope to our Single Lever Mini Paddle except that is has the Iambic function (dual levers). With my children sitting patiently watching (yeah right) I was able to complete this kit in about 45 minutes. K1EL K12 CW Keyer Kit Review By: Edward R. 94"L about the size of a quarter. Idiom Press continues to make the industry standard super-keyer, a full-featured multipurpose keyer that will be right at home in any radio shack. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for K3NG CW Keyer Project PCB at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! In the survey for the take-home kit, I asked if there was interest in building another project. The XT-4Beacon is the perfect start for your VHF/UHF beacon or other project requiring a CW IDer. CW Keyboard Project · Read More · CW and CW Keyers | Lee Jennings – Amateur Radio ZL2AL K1EL Systems - Amateur Radio Kits and Projects. Bencher Key. To test with a real radio, I used a couple of 2N2222 transistors, one for PTT and one for the key output. The Morse code can be played as CW radio tones or telegraph sounder click/clack sounds, and low-latency ASIO sound driver output is Create a Morse Code Keyer Practice Rig This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon. Webmasters please add us to your links section. S. LNAs don’t My son Kyle, had a great idea for a science fair project which had to due with sun spots, solar flare activity and ham radio communications. I decided to go with the embedded keyer, but then had to either find or write one. The code compiles for the Microchip 16F84, 16F84A, 16F628, 16F628A, and 16F648A running at 4 Mhz. The Logikey K-5 is the latest implementation of the famous CMOS Super Keyer III firmware, described in detail below. I now consider break-in and a keyer mandatory for portable operation. Morse Code Keyer for Arduino and Amateur Radio: Morse code keyer for Arduino. gerrykav . Unfortunately none of those are what I was looking for, which is a keyer to work with a straight key or paddle, not a beacon that will churn out pre-stored text (I have the Hans Summers code you mentioned which does this and have built one of the QRSS TXs. Mar 2012 Keyer Project Update: I recently ordered a quantity of blank PCBs for the keyer. This is a cooperative project of US4ICI and US2IDR. 100% Positive Feedback. I wanted to make something very simple and basic, yet powerfull in what I need, and also reliable Here is the Arduino Sketch for the IQ Keyer Project. 00 Add to Cart. It consists of a set of functions to read, play, record and decode CW input from a paddle keyer (single or double lever). Model: Adjustment screws and fine thread screws Aluminum parts are glass bead blasted, chemically brightened and blue anodize Fonts and logos are laser-engraved Grooved surfaces provide maximum grip Two terminal screws on the Just a suggestion, if you could copy the features of K3NG keyer to this , it would be just too good. The code can be used with a full blown Arduino board or an AVR microcontroller chip can be programmed and used directly in a circuit. If you ever see a HAM playing with his CW rig, chances are they’re using an iambic key. Small, light weight, full feature morse code CW keyer operation, beacons, in ham shacks, built into radios, used as club projects, the list goes on and on. Winkeyer Usb Manual Read/Download Iambic Keyer 3D print model, available in STL, amateurradio beer code cw hamradio, ready for 3D animation and other 3D projects. net/avr/IambicKeyer. A keyer is just a step to more perfect code. Ham Radio Keyer. A great weekend project even for beginning a project as you can get. Also useful for hidden transmitters. 2006 . Welcome to the IQ Keyer project page. CW Touch Keyer using open source softwareBuilt-in ISP for uploading your own!Using the JackYack open. This is a digital voice storage project using the ISD1020 IC by Information Storage Devices and stores up to 20 seconds of 2. The term "keyer" is generally used to refer to an "electronic keyer," which is a device that will generate dots or dashes depending on which of the two input switches is closed. 28 Replies to “Getting started with Arduino: morse keyer” Robbert van Herksen / PA3BKL 6 February 2015 at 12:35. Organize your issues with project boards. For our project we are borrowing that same idea only we use "LED ON, LED OFF". It is based on Leon VK2DOB’s MST3 (Minimal Sideband Transceiver, third version) from 2016, with alterations to support multiple bands, my Arduino-based digital VFO/controller and keyer, and a few extras to support portable operating. (The uniqueness of nickname is not reserved. That was great, but my main interested was building my own ham radio equipment, getting it to work, and testing it on the air. Our complete catalog of Ham Supply/Idiom Press products here: Ham Supply Products. In addition, if you are a FlexRadio 6000 user, you can solve the issue of the Missing CW Tone when you use the radio in Remote Mode. I used a second login and keyer to send CW over the server to be decoded. I added the SPST More Arduino: A Simple Iambic CW Keyer I've been using the homebrew "TO" style keyer that I described in earlier posts for several months now, and I have to admit that I don't very much like it. Please share your or others project made it with Arduino, ARM boards, for Ham Radio I designed dedicated PCB for the CW keyer. The HKA Cable Set is a set of three quality cables to interface the keyer with your rig. Other / By UR3IQO. Keyer. Open Source Software KeyerBuilt- in ISP for uploading your own!Using the JackYack open source keyer c. DL1SMF Keyer Project (English Deutsch)- Stefan has details on his  K3NG Arduino CW Keyer http://blog. Jan 20, 2019- Arduino based CW (Morse Code) keyer - K3NG Why another spot welder project?Building a spot welder is one Having already got the "made a keyer" T-shirt for PIC and Raspberry Pi, the implementation of a Keyer seems to be turning into my "Hello World" example for microcontrollers, so off we go again with the "KEYERduino" Makers of the W9XT Contest Card and the XT4 CW Memory Keyer. This is an Arduino based device for generating Morse code using: a straight key; a CW paddle; text to CW from a  Oct 3, 2013 While working on a new project, I had a choice of either plugging in the output of a free-standing CW keyer or embedding one into the project. It QCX: a feature-packed, high performance, single-band 5W CW transceiver kit, with WSPR beacon and built-in alignment/test equipment. On the remote side it uses and Arduino Uno board and a cheap HanRun Enc28J60 ethernet shield. Pharos: A Picaxe CW Beacon Keyer. Here, each gateway will consist of a dedicated computer that will run custom software connected simultaneously to the internet and … Keyer on the top right of the shelf. , Fort Collins, CO. This project is not part of the GNU Project. I attached speaker to Timer14 PWM output (Pin PA6) and LED (or  Figure one shows the original CW trainer, figure two shows a simplified The food container was the right size for the project and it was easy to drill holes in it. 96"W x . Feel free to make changes and improvements. I do this when I want to use the key with the CW program EHOcw, which has a keyer built in. 73 de Jim, N2EY. I can program this chip and send it to you with your callsign, full or abbreviated e. 5 mm (1/8″) stereo plug for your paddle, a six foot cable with a molded 2. HEX. Keyer Parts list: Arduino Nano (or compatible) Piezzo buzzer 10K ohm trim potentiometer 8x 100 ohm 1/4 watt resistors 2-digit seven segment display (SSD) 9 volt battery 9 volt battery cap 10x jumpers 3. ” One of the first thoughts that came to mind was designing and building a CW Geek keyer. Keyer Selector Parts List. Resources listed under Beacon Keyer category belongs to Technical Reference main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Audio and PTT output At Dayton, I had so much fun giving out my CW Geek buttons that I started to think about how to extend the CW Geek “franchise. Item YACK is a universal CW keyer library and application for the AVR architecture that is designed to be reusable. If you try to replicate this project, you might need to tweak your sketch based on the CW library you use. The QRPGuys single lever keyer is a small and light-weight unit that runs on a single CR2032 button battery. Touch Paddle Keyer his project began with a desire to improve my meager CW skills. The DXKEY is a Microprocessor of the Family Microchip PIC (Dip 8 Plastic Pakage), programmed to his inside, to be able to develop the functions of a powerful person and versatile KEYER for to be a normal Keyer has been optimized for being used in the DX, facing the stress of the PILE-UP or of the CONTEST, automatizing all the repetitive procedures as the gust transmission, in call or in answer CW Keyer; Code Generator; Echo Trainer (repeat what you hear) CW Decoder (from a straight key or from audio input) CW Transceiver, using LoRa in the 70cm band; It comes with capacitive touch paddles, so you can start learning and practicing without the need to buy an expensive mechanical paddle. In French G4AXX Voice keyer Interface Such a keyer is an essential gadget for any radioamateur who wants to send morse code (CW). Open Source Software Keyer Built-in ISP for uploading your own! Using the JackYack open source keyer code. What you will need to build this project is an Arduino (almost any model will work with this project), a 10K potentiometer, a 1K resistor, two 10K resistors, a BC237 transistor, a piezo buzzer, a breadboard and some jumper wires for the breadboard. … Continue reading "A tiny and open source CW keyer" K3NG CW KEYER PROJECT . Free download page for Project K3NG PIC CW Keyer's keyer3. Chuck (the other one, AA0HW) offered to place an ad somewhere on the site but I have not gotten around to getting that formal. 001 uF (marked   CW Zero Beat Kit. The firmware is open source code  The XT-4 is a battery powered CW memory keyer. The youtube demo below only touches the surface to show some of the operation. We have confidence in the quality of our designs and in the performance of our components. I . The current version is 1. The Keyer does not have a speaker for a side tone, so it is connected to a code practice oscillator just below it in the black box. Keyer can also be used with other transmitters. One of the difficult things with a dual paddle setup is keeping it in place while your sending. The actuator can be a Arduino board (like in my previous project Remote Morse Key) or, if you already own a Raspberry PI 2/3, you can install a simple shell script (see below). It supports straight keying, semi-automatic (bug) keying, and Iambic A or B mode automatic keying. One reed relay output goes to the HF+6M radio "key input" and the other reed relay output goes to the HF+VHF+UHF all mode radio "key input". This is a The Finished Minty Kool Keyer and Depot Key Ready for CW Play When I was a kid, DIY circuits and even Radio Shack project kits employed integrated circuits (ICs) containing standard "discrete" logic building-blocks which were the rage for young builders because of their low cost and simplicity. The K3NG design, introduced by Kees, K5BCQ This project describes the construction of a real "QRP" keyer with a small microcontroller (PIC 16F84, with slightly modified hardware also PIC16F628). Dec 14, 2018 Such a keyer is an essential gadget for any radioamateur who wants to send morse code (CW). com Project Paddles, Ham Radio, Headphones, Headpieces, . Once the simple assembly is finished, the keyer can be mounted in the included enclosure. Support 5, 10, 15 WPM. SIMPLE ELECTRONIC KEYER. Dec 29, 2016 This project has base on the K3NG Arduino keyer open-source firmware adding many features and flexibility. Project Page (You will need the Easy Morse Code Keyer : Home Brew A 4 To 1 Balun. SO2R Box Features uCW keyer uHeadphone switching uMicrophone switching uAnd more. True, there are dozens of circuits for CW keyers based on several of the Arduino family of boards. The project is very similar to the version made on prototyping board. Nowadays a keyer makes a relatively simple homebrew project. unixcw is an umbrella project for a Linux library and for few Linux applications related to Morse code. I already had a straight key, but thought it would be fun to try to build one. project 934, 18, Interface Manual,KK7UQ USB WinKey Keyer is a natural CW interface HostMode . C. I used one a few weeks ago w/o dot-dash memory and it was totally hard to send with it. The Ham Keyer is a multi mode CW keyer and Morse Keyer is a software keyer that can be keyed via the mouse or a key/paddle connected to a serial port. Simple CW Keyer Description. Software Makes it Play Now I needed some soft-ware. (see the video below). 7 KHz bandwidth voice. I have been looking for a affordable touch key/keyer for some time  This project describes the construction of a real "QRP" keyer with a small variable CW speed, adjustable via poti from 20 to 300 letters per minute (4. Morse Code Tools Two programs: (1) MorseNews sends news from one or more RSS, Atom, or Twitter feeds as Morse code, Project Management PIC Keyer The information presented on this page describe the functionality of a PIC Keyer project that I have been working on. Simple Electronic S Meter Anyway, I had decided a great first MCU project would be a CW Keyer (mainly for QRSS on LF, but also wherever else). For those not familiar with the terminology, CW is a mode used by ham radio amateurs. For $35, Oscar will Arduino Iambic Keyer and Side Tone Generator Posted on March 23, 2012 by Bill The latest issue of QEX (March/April) came this week with an article about an open-source keyer (pages 25-31). I have used built-in keyers in several brands of Hamcrafters K16-BAT CW Keyer Kit With a severe weather warning in place and promises of wind speeds of 80mph+ overnight , today has been spent fixing a run of fence panels which were about to go down like a stack of dominoes thanks to just one post which had worked its way loose in it’s socket. I'm no machinist and don't have the tools to make one from metal, but I decided to try to build one anyway. With keyboard and LCD attached. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But what the hell, thafs what we're going to do, This is such a simple construction project that it would be unfair to even consider il a "weekender/1 Perhaps a rainy Sunday afternoon would be more realistic. hamcrafters. 2V) and is based on the well known ‘Joule-Thief’ concept. $25. I needed a new Arduino project and this seemed like the perfect one. ) QRPGuys Iambic Mini Paddle w/Base – $25 Please note our shipping policies on the home page This project is a small, iambic paddle with an integral base. Experiments with low power VHF transmitters. It also reminds me of why I ditched my Hallicrafters TO keyer over 30 years ago: They don't support iambic mode and are a bit "fiddly" when compared to Get a jump-start on any a project requiring a CW IDer with Unified Microsystems XT-4-BEACON Keyer Boards Find Unified Microsystems XT-4-BEACON Keyers XT4-BCN and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 at DX Engineering! To add to this, the last rig I built and used for CW, a 160m AM/CW rig with manual T/R switching, reminded me of the nagging inconveniences. Download K3NG Arduino CW Keyer for free. The Atmel AVR "Butterfly" is a credit card sized board which contains an AVR MEGA169 processor, a six character LCD display, a five way joystick navigation switch, a piezo speaker, a 3 volt lithium battery cell for power and a few other odds and ends. 01uF cap to minimize key clicks, all in an old Radio Shack enclosure that was re-purposed from a previous project. Just plug  Dec 27, 2017 A series of Arduino based projects that enable morse code keying of a transmitter . This project began when my good friend Andre ZS2ACP advertised looking for a K3EL Winkey in The K3NG CW Keyer is based on the Arduino architecture. Basic CW Sender simple code from Mr Myagi "LED ON LED OFF" Copy and paste this in the Arduino sketch page and save it as LOLO_CW. put all the code for his project up on his blog. It is built with a microcontroller PIC16C711. Thanks! Looking to home brew one for an electronic keyer that is built in my rig. CW Decoder's colorful, feature-packed interface is a bit busy for our tastes, but its close resemblance to an amateur radio's faceplate will be familiar to many of the program's users, and many of Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. While waiting for the manuals to arrive for my 222 transmitter, I went ahead and built another component for the 222 beacon project: the cw keyer. Little circuit of a Morse Code Oscillator is presented here. The firmware is written in C and uses less than 1k. 80526 USA Yes a Walkabout sounds very interesting and if they were amateur radio operators they would take this rig with them! No need to listen to contesters and high speed cw ops on the other bands. 0” wide and 2 3/4” long. Arduino based CW (Morse Code) keyer - K3NG. Mortty is a Do-It-Yourself construction project that provides a miniature enclosure Mortty operates either CW Keyer by K3NG or TinyFSK by K0SM; Switching  Dec 31, 2018 GE, all I hope Santa was kind and the new year brings good contacts to all. Power in. USB Morse Keyer is a microcontroller-based auto keyer project with following features: USB / straight key / iambic key inputs. ) The K3NG Keyer is an open source My personal realization of the great K3NG cw keyer (https://blog. With a sufficient open source effort, one of these could really compete against "real" keyers. What is the difference between Iambic Keyer mode A and mode B? Are there any other popular keyer modes? Why would one choose one mode over the other? If only one Iambic keyer mode is to be implemented, which mode should a keyer that supports only one mode support (in the U. Why haven’t I seen it done before? It’s very easy to put together and works really well. Arduino & ARM Ham Radio Projects. I currently have the keyer and keyboard functions fully implemented (as well as the decoder of course) so that I am now using it at the operating position for both HF and iCW. Netduino Iambic Morse Code Keyer - posted in Project Showcase: This is an iambic Morse code keyer. One Valve CW transmitter. Excellent for learning and teaching Morse code, this code practice oscillator – ideal solution to practice sending the code and improve your speed – is a light-weight portable unit powered by one AA cell (1. K1EL WK2/WKUSB Keyer product reviews by real people like you. The NorCal Keyer is an unbelievable value for $16. The XT-4BEACON is the perfect start for your VHF/UHF beacon or other project requiring a CW IDer. The pin count would allow for the use of a 8 pin device but the 2313 was simply the part at hand This solid-state keyer project uses late 1960's vintage Fairchild uL923 JK flip-flops and a uL914 logic gate of the now obsolete RTL logic family. Get Notified Whenever There Is A New Project In Your Desired The January 9, 2018 Tech Night meeting will feature Steve Elliott, K1EL, the owner of www. If abbreviated then the full callsign is still included in the 12wpm CW ident. QRP Transceiver Projects Jim Spikes, N4KH 21 April 2012. I was thinking of building a shield board to just plug into the mega or the uno that had easy connections on it and also had the support circuits on it for the sidetone, paddles, xmit keys, etc. No description It works from 3 MHz to 30 MHz, with up to 10 watts on SSB and CW with a very sensitive receiver. com/arduino-cw-keyer/). Power CW Memory Keyer NØXAS redefines "low power" for us with a keyer that draws 4 nA (that's 0. An iambic keyer is simply an electronic keyer that can be operated with a dual paddle. point to first CW msg ldi. Bill Prats K6ACJ The design and schematics in this project are licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3. This is an advanced keyer implementation for Atmel AVR While working on a new project, I had a choice of either plugging in the output of a free-standing CW keyer or embedding one into the project. 004 microamperes!) at idle. For a long time I've been using Modulated CW (MCW) using my soundcard to send CW over the air. Evolution of 40 Meter CW Transceiver • Side-tone from keyer is injected into the audio circuit This code practice oscillator project uses a 555 timer IC which is one of the most fundamental IC available in the market today. It uses an ATMEL ATtiny 2313 (Atmel's ATtiny2313 page) microcontroller, which is a 20pin device with 2k flash memory. Arduino was completed pre fence panel removal and this little project was concluded post hammering in  Extra, the VEC-201K CW Keyer Kit has the features you've been waiting for! additional items to complete, virtually all construction projects require a work. I need some recordings of CW / Morse code for use in a project. Projet permettant de réaliser un clavier morse pour ordinateur. JUMA TX1 DDS controlled CW transmitter 2005 Active ferrite rod antenna for HF 2005 JUMA RX1 Direct Conversion Receiver 2005 Five cent CW key 2005. D Thanks for choosing to build this keyer. CHIP TALKER: A VOICE "MEMORY KEYER. Board Size: . The QRPGuys Iambic Paddle will allow you to mount this paddle directly to the front or side of your existing chassis. Iambic CW Morse Code Keyer. Open collector or active 0-5V TX drive is provided. This project can cost any where between $1. I have emailed Steve about this and he responded with a few pointers I asked about. This keyer features: variable CW speed, adjustable via poti from 20 to 300 letters per minute (4. This keyer would be along the lines of the K3NG keyer, OK1RR TinyKeyer, or the Morserino. Available for 80, 60, 40, 30, 20 or 17m bands. Most of what I find is either nonsense (it just exists for the 'sound of CW', but doesn't contain a message) or is generated by a co I had a chance to get started on fabrication of my code keyer. Take a look at my personal key and keyer collection of Dave Schmarder In Mode A, the keyer finishes the dit or dah being sent and stops. classes and the project I worked on was a First Impressions The firmware sends CW flawlessly. It is possible that someone else could use the exactly same nickname. 5R) or just one transceiver (MO1R). Using a PC board that is only 1. Copy and paste this text in an Arduino WKUSB over a USB cable and the WKUSB It did not come with a cable to plug the keyer in to your rigs manual key jack. CW Keyer Project Status uPC Board You are not logged in. However I only had one of the type of post that I wanted to use. $10. Nov 7, 2017 K1EL PaddleStick CW Keyer with Base Kit product reviews by real people like you. It has rotary encoder synthesised tuning, VFO A/B/Split, Iambic keyer, CW decoder, and more Click! Shop order $49 You've arrived at the support page for ARRL's Arduino for Ham Radio by Glen Popiel, KW5GP. Sequencer with CW memory keyer. A first step up from the simple straight key was the Vibroplex – “the brand of side-to-side mechanical, semi-automatic Morse key first manufactured and sold in 1905 by the Vibroplex Company, after its invention and patent by Horace Greeley Martin of New York City in 1904. Logikey K-5 Keyer – Electronic Morse Keyer (discontinued Nov, 2018) Super CMOS 3 – Electronic Morse Keyer Partial Kit. Then, I stumbled upon the NanoKeyer kit by Oscar, DJ0MY. I wanted to make something very simple and  Welcome to the IQ Keyer project page. Similar in simplicity and popularity, for about the same price, is a PIC-based keyer, by K1EL, also available in kit form. This is arguably the simplest part of the project. Details about K3NG CW Keyer Project PCB. Description: The article originally appeared in December 1991 QST. cw keyer project

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