Record keeping in crop production

Example of how to set up receipts of sales and purchases are featured in the charts below: 2 We've done more than just make record keeping easy, we've built a powerful and easy to use all-in-one farming software solution. A little time spent keeping a few orderly records that will be used is a good investment in managing the farm business. Importance of record keeping at livestock farm. Learn More Time is money. Production records are used to document everything that is produced on the farm. Complete and accurate records help demonstrate your protection of soil, water and other environmental resources. Without the right record keeping system, how do you know exactly how you’re spending your money? How do you know you’re investing your resources as effectively as possible? It goes deeper than that too - you need to manage your teams, plan ahead, and provide documentation of your food safety related practices. Maintaining a record of total manure applied to a field (i. If you switch your unit structure from a basic to enterprise unit, you should maintain your old unit record keeping so that you will have the option to switch back Running a farm is hard work. Many producers note that keeping records Record Keeping for Organic Farmers Record Keeping for Certification “Certified organic production can best be described as a comprehensive, rigorous identity-preservation (IP) system. 25 billion pounds. The document also provides sample record-keeping sheets that might be used to meet an identified record-keeping need. Designed to help you run a more efficient, productive and profitable agricultural business. Proper monitoring should identify specific areas within a crop where pests are absent or where pests are present at levels well below those necessary to cause damage, thus preventing unnecessary control Record Keeping Spray Drift is a major concern in most agricultural areas today. Number. Without record keeping, the chances of managing a successful business are poor. Record analysis refers to evaluating farm records. Farm Production Manager can streamline your crop planning and scheduling processes. Plants can be grown in the open field or in covered structures Briefing farmers on the importance of keeping records, the district superintendent crop production officer Mr Israel Baipoledi explained that records also determined what best practices should be The MSU ES Pesticide Record Keeping Workbook allows keeping records of the application of pesticides, both Restricted Use and other types. update and maintain crop production historical records for each field. In the case of livestock, the farm keeps records of the bloodline, pest, and diseases, feed types and consumption, etc. Track chemical requirements per field to ensure quality crop product. Simply put, “traceability” means the ability to track any food or substance that will be used for consumption, through all stages of production, processing and distribution. 4 Why Keep Records. Crop production record – this is maintained mainly to monitor crop production activities. com Even though there is an initial inertia required to make record keeping successful, the hope is that it can also pay off for the farmer by documenting and improving on agronomic practices. However in an industry with tight profit margins, such as livestock production, efficient record keeping can be the re-shape how we approach an aspect of crop production. In some counties, record keeping is required for fairs The first step in being a successful farm manager is keeping good, accurate records and establishing a sound record-keeping system. If the farmer does not jot down production information at the end of a busy day, these data may be lost and later must be reconstructed at reporting time. The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) has clarified the record keeping requirements for producers who certify production at the Basic or Optional unit levels. Record keeping advised for growers cutting crops Grain growers who this year cut moisture-stressed and frost-affected crops for hay and silage are advised to record their crop management strategies and the outcomes for benchmarking purposes. Sales record: This is very essential in that this is the only record which shows that you are getting reward for all your production activities. Look at field history from past years to help you make great business decisions for your agricultural operation. Horton Award . Sounds like more record keeping, but it sounds really good. All while providing in-depth reports, crop & field tracking, livestock management, and many more features. For teams without devices, you can even print out the farm tasks as a work order, and the data can be captured post task completion. 7. Bodnar - Record Keeping for Small-scale Farms 2 More useful data? • Track crops from seed source to end sale using unique lot numbers • Create customized reports by crop, field, bed, season, month • Compare production from one year to the next More efficient records for certification? • Print custom reports by crop for individual crop for Organic Crop and Livestock Producers Page 3 • Improve farm and business management by tracking and organizing relevant information about production activities, including whole-farm, crop, or enterprise planning and budgeting. Organic Standards and Certification provides an overview of the NOP, the certification process, and organic crop production standards. Once these records and statements are available, proper analysis can be carried out. Based in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, we reach millions of North Carolina citizens each year through local centers in the state's 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Dallas County Special Recognition Awards . data on agricultural production in Nigeria has to be viewed with caution,  Missouri Farm Tax Record: Part 1, Cash Paid-Cash Received added such as inventory tracking, livestock and crop production data, enterprise allocations, other reports Many farmers use this software as their farm record keeping program. 61 billion bushels the state produced in 2017. Five basic tables are printed on the folder for recording information related to crop production. download the software. FREE Homesteading, Farm & Animal Recording Keeping Forms. You should track your production with the follow record keeping practices: Hard records (weight tickets, feed records, etc. The various tasks, expenses, and crop can be allocated to each of two farmers. Agriculture Forms Pesticide Recordkeeping Requirements for Crop Production March 2017 Section 1491 of the Food, Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act (FACT Act) of 1990 established that all certified applicators of restricted use pesticides (RUPs) should be required to keep records of all RUP applications. Our publications include manuals on how to conduct plant breeding, seed production, and variety trials; record keeping materials; proceedings from our Organic Seed Growers Conference; and policy reports, webinars, and more. All Farm Production Manager (FPM) is an easy-to-use cloud-based farm management software that enables market farmers and produce growers to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and improve customer service. Our mission is to make crop production safer, more efficient, and more profitable for growers. Anyway, record keeping helps determine the right kind of crop to grow on a specific type of soil, at a specific time of the season to get the best yield and better management of pests and diseases. This guide will aid farm-ers in assessing their current and intended operations and choosing practices for a suc-cessful transition to organic production, including man-agement of weeds, soil fertility, and crop rotations. Field Manager software keeps all your crop and field management information in one place. CLICK HERE – Field Crop Record Management v2-t6i010. Income generation and nutritional security through Livestock Based Integrated Farming System. Crop production record keeping software that provides production cost as well as  Farmbrite is a complete farm and livestock record keeping & management system Learn about best practice production processes for your crops, pests, weeds  12 Jun 2016 Keywords: Farm Records, Record Keeping, Agricultural data . For operations that need assistance with record keeping, the AWARE Web site has several record-keeping forms available, including printable forms for lagoon and manure storage inspections, continuing education credits, rental/lease agreements, off-farm manure transport, and manure, water and soil sample submission. See more ideas about Farm business, Vegetables garden and Gardens. 5 ft wide. The uses of these records are inter-related and are described in more detail in Sections 2 Scientists at the U. Labels require that records be kept for two years, but in Nebraska, they must be kept for three years. Record keeping is a topic few producers care to discuss or do. In addition, farm families can also obtain information on computer applications to agriculture, computer record keeping, marketing, lease and rental arrangements, production records, new enterprises, and much more. With chemical applications the data entry meets all EPA requirements for record keeping purposes. how those costs impact the cost of production over time. Neatness will pay off in the end, so carefully make your entries so that they can be read by anyone. Accurate record-keeping greatly contributes towards optimising production and maximising profit. Possible ways to achieve this are through mechanization to reduce management variability, increased record-keeping, and fine-tuning management per vineyard production status. Hard records- Total grain pro- At a time when accurate record keeping is more important than ever, both for food safety and cost management purposes, more and more growers are looking for software that can allow them to manage spray records accordingly. irishgrainassurance. Crop. net Web www. Having accurate weather data for your farm is a helpful tool when making Crop Insurance Claims, and can help strengthen and speed up the process of making a claim. e. For both animal and crop production; the daily or seasonal production rate is recorded in the record. FarmSoft makes farm record keeping template easy, from your smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac. Irish Grain Assurance Scheme Whitebog, Athy, Co. S. Labor Record Keeping Practices • Track your time by crop on a regular basis • Require employees to do basic record keeping such as field activities, harvest amounts, and tracking time by crop • Do it every day or twice a day • Develop a table with standard times for repeated tasks Individualized farm and financial planning assistance is a major component of the program. For these reasons, growers with insufficient record keeping suffer from mistakes or inefficient practices repeated year after year, resulting in reduced profitability and increased farmer RECORD KEEPING. 101 Years of rainfall records – a valuable resource for crop production. CROP PRODUCTION AND LAND USE. The GAP-CROP provides guidelines on local sustainable production of safe, healthy vegetables and fruits. It is for this reason that the Department of Crop Production in collaboration with Agri-Business in Selebi Phikwe engaged farmers from Tshokwe and Tobane in a record-keeping course. I was at a meeting and listened to a guy from Diversified Crop about Production Cost Insurance. From the business aspect of the operation, record keeping is needed for future analysis of production methods, cropping history, and decision making. The company may have 4 sprayers, 8 supply trucks, 10 employees, and 4 buildings. The assigned number should be used to identify the crop throughout the recordkeeping system in tracking the crop from beginning (seed/plant) to end (income received for selling the crop). Between us, we covered garden planning, record keeping, crop rotations, succession cropping, storing seed and doing a seed inventory, (mostly me). Actual Production History (APH) Insurance • This is a single crop policy that offers protection for various crops. Update in the field, and quickly compare crop scenarios. Proper monitoring should identify specific   Included here are samples and templates from a variety of recordkeeping spreadsheets because we understand no one recordkeeping system fits everyone. This Field File provides an organized  6 Nov 2015 Topics covered in this bulletin include Pesticide application, Nutrient application, Manure application, Animal burial and composting, Irrigation,  About “GAP- CROP”. It gives the name of the crop being cultivated, the date of planting, the allotted area, the time to harvest and the actual volume of production at harvest time and its worth in pesos. Record crop and field activity for better insight into your farm production. Pig farming. com Preprinted sheets for recording labor and production Production Records for Cow/Calf Producers Sandy Johnson, Beef specialist Bob Weaber, Cow/calf specialist Few people really “enjoy” keeping records but having the records when you need them can be a great help. crop production record keeping software Companies Crop Tracker - a brand by Dragonfly AG Croptracker, developed by Dragonfly IT, is a record-keeping and operations management service which provides customers with advanced solutions to drive an increase in food safety traceability while decreasing overall operational costs. Currently, government agencies, lenders, and insurance companies are requiring better and more Crop record keeping and planning system that gives you access to all of your crop production data B any time, anywhere. Livestock 101 Recordkeeping & Marketing. by. It also has a crop rotation planner, and records for manure spreading and soil sampling. Record Keeping. 1. , irrigation fees, land rental, etc. Adapted from “Recordkeeping System for Crop Production,” Michigan A management system which includes crop records increases returns by improving . The reports that Farm Credit East provides will give you an accurate financial picture of your business and better information for your decision-making. A better record-keeping system is a major step toward improved profitability. Instructors may add other material as time allows. computer, crop production recordkeeping (16. Record-keeping is an important and necessary aspect of operating even the smallest farming enterprise. In Pula Imvula November 2016 the article 'Keep rainfall records to reduce  to help you be more productive, profitable, sustainable, & transparent Without the right record keeping system, how do you know exactly how you're spending your money? How do you Solutions for every farm size and every crop type. Adam runs Feb 15, 2016- Explore blessedby3sons's board "farming-record keeping", followed by 307 people on Pinterest. Sections include farm receipts and expenses, assets and liabilities, credit and hired labor, production records, financial statements, and family living. These activities and the date on which they were completed are recorded on the Project Achievement Record Book , found in the Cass County 4-H Record Book. continue to the CropRecords website About Extension. )  -Input Use Record -Compost Production Record -Neighbor Notification Letter - Verification of Adjoining Land Use -Buffer Crop Usage -Crop Harvest Record A record keeping system should go beyond the basic listing of income and expenses Keeping good production records also helps farmers make decisions about: and Economics Branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture: 902-. The purpose of releasing improved crop varieties is to increase productivity and overall crop production to anchor food security. A certain number of production or sales units is needed to break even with E-unit: Budgets and Record Keeping Page 2 AgEdLibrary. In order to achieve this he needs to implement a set of good management measures and technical skills through good record keeping and administration. We show you how to create the best business plan for your crop production needs. It's learning by doing it, sharing it, understanding it, relating it, and using it. Kildare. 29 Nov 2005 The redesigned Field Pocket Guide is a practical way to record crop production and manure inventory activities. In other words, the ability must exist to trace each crop from field to harvest, storage and sales, including the application of soil amendments, pest or disease control products, and other inputs. Agriculture Forms Printable Business Form Templates in DOC format Get all of our printable, customizable business forms for $47 as an instant download . In fact, a recent discussion on the Apple-Crop listserv, an email-based the calendar year. 1 May 2004 with production data, will help the farm business operator analyze the information ing or reviewing your financial record keeping system. Update Your Contact Information. The words in CAPITAL letters are spreadsheet commands). EasyFarm saves you time, money, and eases the hassle of farm record-keeping. Ease the record-keeping burden with an online crop records system to MyFarm & MyRecs so the record-keeping workload can be shared. Farmers may voluntarily follow this COP, identify potential problems in their farms, take appropriate control/mitigation measures, and monitor the effective-ness of such measures. Meeting a compromise of both is the ultimate goal. Agricultural Record Keeping and Data Analysis Software INTRODUCTION. in Newsletter. How to Use this Handbook There is no recipe for transitioning to organic production and certification. Learn more about Field Manager PRO. The prime objective of a pig farmer is to manage his farm in such a way that it is a continuing source of income. Full farm record keeping app on your phone or tablet, for on the go and  This is an unavoidable expense if you want to keep your fields productive. 2018 Annual Implementation Reporting Forms 2018 Directory of Nutrient Management Consultants for Hire (Please print document using legal sized paper) Farming With Your Nutrient Management Plan (2019) Phosphorus Guidance for Vegetable and Crop Production 2. 12 Dec 2017 Ease the record-keeping burden with an online crop records system this blog or any other aspect of crop production get in touch with Frontier. Ag Decision Maker. The Nutrient Management Record Keeping Calendar is a helpful tool for record keeping. Plus timely, well-prepared records aid effective tax planning, which can help to minimize your tax burden. I developed and used at Lakeside Orchards, a Microsoft Excel based pesticide record keeping database. agricultural producers in States where there is traditionally, and continues to be a low level of Federal crop insurance participation and availability, and producers are underserved by the Federal crop insurance program. Record keeping is a key component of managing an efficient farm business. 6. Accurately pricing your product, evaluating your enterprise, and assessing new opportunities wisely relies on keeping good records. The less accurate your production records, the less accurate your financial projections will be. • Develop a farming systems approach. A farmer needs all the right information about his business at his fingertips. Material Croptracker, developed by Dragonfly IT, is a record-keeping and operations management service which provides customers with advanced solutions to drive an increase in food safety traceability while decreasing overall operational costs. – Activities, labor hours, equipment  2 May 2016 Planting and Harvesting, or Production Record: Planting and Production throughout the recordkeeping system in tracking the crop from  21 Jul 2017 It is a legal requirement to make specific records for all agricultural There are many good reasons for keeping chemical use records. That risk assessment should include a thorough review of the five areas of risk in agriculture. Click on the appropriate form you need to complete and add to your 4-H Record Book. Crop Production Historical Track Records (April 2017) 5 USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service PREFACE These track records of United States Crop Production were assembled to serve as a ready reference for data users. Many plant diseases are strongly influenced by crop rotation. 3 Aug 2019 Record keeping is a necessary element of good livestock business There are several useful records such as production and financial  10 Dec 2012 By keeping accurate and detailed farm records, you'll be on your way to a Knowing yield per crop in our system helps to gauge how much to  23 May 2017 However, farm records keeping is a very important task in farming. Investors who operate without records are likely to make wrong decisions due to lack of information of what is happening in their farms. To help with this last record keeping option, contact your Cornell Cooperative Extension Office for a free “New York Crop Insurance Education Program” – Crop Production Record Book. In this age of changing business structures throughout the beef industry and impending federal programs that may require some level of record keeping, it is important for managers to take the task of record keeping just as seriously as the day-to-day production tasks. Farm Management Decision Tools - Spreadsheets. Farm Production Recordkeeping Workbook Optimize your recordkeeping time by using the forms in this workbook for both organic certification and crop insurance reporting. Publications Crop-Production-Irrigation The Extension Publications catalog includes publications, books, videos, and other educational materials developed by subject-matter specialist to assist people across Tennessee. If your use of land changes, even if it's just a few fields, be sure to record it in your accounts. Crop production record keeping software that provides production cost as well  18 Aug 2019 At a minimum your farm will need a record keeping system for tax and and yields and then make better growing practice and crop variety  We've done more than just make record keeping easy, we've built a powerful and Discover what crops, fields, livestock or processes produce the best results. ! How many beds per acre? ! 1,650 sqft each bed ! Divide area of acre (43,560 sqft) by bed area ! 26. A management system which includes crop records increases returns by improving nutrient and pesticide-use efficiency. However, record keeping plays a much larger role in business. A farmer, from the records, decides when to plant and when to carry out  List all materials you plan to use this production year below. It is sent out via email every two weeks during the growing season. Farmer Pro customers get all the benefits of Farmer Fit, as well as additional features that enable innovative, profitable farm management, including Crop Health Imagery, Work Orders, grid or zone soil sampling workflows, managing grain contracts, and more. A small notebook in which to record the key facts and figures of the You can acquire knowledge of the field's history through end-of-season disease scouting and accurate record keeping. It might be a simple manual system or a sophisticated computer program. assistance provides technical assistance to approx. Let’s consider a crop input company, such as a fertilizer deal-ership. This Field File provides an organized place for storing information on each crop-producing field. This record keeping system is primarily for production data such as calving dates, birth weights, weaning weights, sell weight, sell price, vaccination protocol, and much more. Other records could be kept aligned with the individual pastor’s objectives. Farmer Pro is Trimble’s most powerful desktop, online, and mobile farm management software. WN association has a great potential for horticultural and crop production given the fertile soils and water availability on the farm throughoutthe year. AOPA record keeping requirements do not apply to grazing livestock. It is focused on profitability. As you know crop insurance involves a great deal of record keeping. Crop Production Recordkeeping System A management system which includes crop records increases returns by improving nutrient and pesticide-use efficiency. veggiecompass. The Record Keeping Workbook is made up of two parts: • Cropland and Hayland Production Records (begins on page 4) Record keeping is an ongoing process that does not end when the 4-H year ends. Allocations in Shared Crop Production – is for farmers that cooperatively grow a crop. Recordkeeping Requirements The rules state that all certified private applicators shall keep records of all applications of RUPs. Most producers will use production evidence from crop-insurance records and note the USDA Risk Management Agency as their primary source of production evidence. Aeros Mapping™ Crop Risk Services offers GIS farm mapping as a FREE service to current policyholders! Aeros Mapping™ is a mapping software application designed to use aerial digital maps of your farm to assist in filling out acreage and production reports. Free gardening journal templates, including seed sowing schedule, plant spacing and seed longevity charts, seed purchase log and planting and germination records - plus other record keeping tips. In a family owned and operated farm, or a farm operated by a couple, one of the family members can be the person in charge of keeping records. Easy to use and essential farm management software, FarmLogic puts farm records, soil sampling, crop scouting, equipment maintenance records, tank mix calculator and gps field mapping when and where you need it. the purposes of improving crop yields and management decisions, reducing input costs and pollution, and providing greater accuracy in farm record keeping. They are used for loss and yield history purposes. unl. Field Manager PRO provides a one stop solution to help you manage your crop production CROP PRODUCTION TEAM MEMBER Peterson Farms is a family operated row crop production farm based out of Loretto, KY looking to fill a position for a Crop Production Team member with someone that matches our Employee Core Values: Records management, also known as records and information management, is an organizational function devoted to the management of information in an organization throughout its life cycle, from the time of creation or inscription to its eventual disposition. Farm Field Record Keeping Jim Dunn Agricultural Economist Penn State University Serbian crop farm 30 employees 6 bookkeepers 1,600 acres Social security Introduction Important to determine the profitability of a crop or livestock enterprise Also used to evaluate new seed, decide when to take a dairy cow from the herd, and other decisions Record Keeping Good records contribute to good decisions. Our newest feature expands your crop record-keeping abilities to an Android device with EasyFarmHand. •The PLUS version allows you to estimate cost per crop, and It also has a crop rotation planner, and records for manure spreading and soil sampling. 15,000 western NY fruit and vegetable growers. Sedgwick County members should complete the following forms each year. You must keep accurate and detailed records of your production. 2) Under the Agricultural Research, Extension, and Education Reform Act of 1998 (Sec. Each year our clients must submit their crop yields to us so we can report them on their policies. 2019 Southeast Missouri Crop Budgets (XLS) updated December 11, 2018 The budgets are for the major crops grown in Southeast Missouri — corn, soybeans, wheat, grain sorghum, cotton, rice, popcorn, and southern peas. Start with clean seed and/or certified disease-free transplants. Consequently, production records, such as the relationship of feed to weight gain, cow to number of calves, fertilizer to crop yield, or land to total production, are most critical to your farm's profits. Records will help you analyze the performance of your farm’s cropping system. It can be time consuming and take valuable time away from your field work. *Crop Production Aids include grafting materials, potting soil mixes, greenhouse materials, growth regulators, pH adjusters, buffers, sticking agents, spreading agents, etc. crop, to compare various crops productivity, profitability and measure the effectiveness c) Record - keeping must also provide information for proper division of  Ontario Farm Management Analysis Project programs to produce accrual It is designed to meet the farm business record keeping needs for commercial farms. You want to be able to analyze in the process of time if product A is more profitable than B, which crop you should focus on, the market trend, the time of the year that sales peak the most etc. There are many systems and strategies out there for livestock record keeping. continue to the CropRecords website. And funding for our Crop Insurance Education Program is made possible through the USDA Risk Management Agency. Record keeping has always been an important practice in the beef industry – particularly to track genetic performance and profitability. Marketing of Agricultural Commodities DRAFT Record-keeping and Budgeting Workbook for Organic Crop Producers A Publication of ATTRA, the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service 1-800-346-9140 www. 1 Dec 2018 This record book has two sections to keep track of these transactions. Grazing and feed management. farmers are expected to produce a record-high soybean crop this year, according to the Crop Production report issued today by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Step Two: Gather records. org Record-keeping and Budgeting Workbook for Organic Crop Producers ATTRA is the national sustainable agriculture information service operated by the National Center for Appropriate Technology, through a grant Record Keeping: New labels allow 72 hours for all applicators to complete records; however, in Nebraska, commercial applicators must complete records in 48 hours. Module 2: Understanding basic . But since the 2003 incidence of BSE in the United States, record keeping is also coming into the spotlight for biosecurity reasons. For crop-insurance purposes, consider keeping actual production separate by farms in section or optional units. pdf) Mississippi State University, Hoophouse 1) Write receipts for all sales and purchases of of crops, feed, chemicals, etc. Diversified Small Vegetable Planting and Harvesting Spreadsheet; CSA Crop Planning spreadsheets from Bookfiled Farm Crop Planning and Record Keeping for Diversified Farms By Dan Kaplan, Brookfield Farm. NC State Extension is the largest outreach program at NC State University. Currently, government agencies, lenders, and insurance companies are requiring better and more accurate records. Man stands in a wheat field at sunset, recording results on a tablet. The impaired water bodies list, maintained by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, currently cites 187 streams, rivers, and lakes in Iowa as impaired, pointing to an urgent need for improved conservation planning for agricultural production activities and land management. One of the  A management system which includes crop records increases returns by improving nutrient and pesticide-use efficiency. Estimating Crop Available Nutrients Documentation Forms for Organic Crop Producers Compost Production Record Use this form to describe how your compost-production process meets the requirements of the defi nition of compost and NOP § 203(c)(2) or NOP Guidance 5021. Iowa corn crop big again Iowa corn production is now forecast at 2. Record book entries should always be written in pencil in case corrections are needed. 5 kg = 361,375 kg = 361 t Based on this estimate, this operation collects and handles only 361 t of manure per year and is therefore exempt from the record keeping and soil testing requirements under AOPA. The crop level to use in a given vineyard comes down to practical considerations in both quality standards and economics. this blog or any other The importance of record keeping Why keep records? Keeping accurate and up-to-date records is vital to the success of any business. Cost Monitoring – farm record keeping software. Rotation, tillage, irrigation, fertility management, and a soil- and plant-nutrient monitoring program are all factors that agr. Record keeping is not only a requirement for organic certification, but a good record keeping system can be very helpful when making decisions for your certified operation and ultimately its efficiency and profitability. Use this app to improve record keeping through documenting pertinent data in real time, right on your handheld device. As stated earlier, the fundamental features of organic farming are based on maintaining a natural system that includes: natural livestock and crop production through submission to an organic system plan; detailed record keeping system for all the produce from the point of production to consumption; and use of buffer zones to prevent synthetic chemicals from Record-keeping or record analysis? Record-keeping refers to keeping, filing, categorizing and maintaining farm financial and production information. Understand how to make management decisions based upon records. The importance of keeping farm records in agricultural production. List all materials you plan to use this production year below. 5 kg + 25,812. edu/ec136. Author Info: Areas of Interest include organic dairy, on-farm processing, pasture management, grazing heifers. They are asking for our help in determining what we WASHINGTON, August 10, 2018 – U. The combination  17 Jan 2018 The first step in being a successful farm manager is keeping good, accurate records and establishing a sound record-keeping system. (Understanding this article is somewhat dependent on knowing a bit about computers and spreadsheets. Farm records keeping provides the farmer with a tool to help in farm planning, farm management decision making, and projection of future profitability of the enterprise Harvest yield records can be used to compare crop yield from year to year, to help growers make educated decisions regarding crop management in the future. Includes production economics, record keeping systems, financial budgets and analysis, crop and livestock enterprise analysis, leasing arrangements, depreciation, farm business organizations, farm investment analysis, pasture/rangeland management, and production efficiency indicators. These costs include fixed costs (i. • Field production. This farm software allows you to track important information on your farm such as the previous crop, condition of the field when planted, planting depth, planting population, rates, etc. Our aim at ProductionWise is to assist grain farming businesses to make the best possible decisions so that they can be as efficient, sustainable and profitable as possible. producing the so-called "cost-price squeeze" in agriculture. 23 Apr 2018 To keep records is simply to collect relevant information that can help you to take good decisions and to keep track of activities, production and  Production costs are those expenses which farmers encounter while producing a crop. Essential areas include breeding, feeding, harvesting, and field records. Restraining cattle and buffalo. It also can be used by non-organic growers to track seed and plant purchases, and keep activity records such as fertilization and weeding. Field. If you have questions about manure application or would like more information or materials on record keeping, contact our office. Crop Production News provides Saskatchewan farmers with the information they need to produce their crops economically and sustainably. Records are needed not only for legal, financial and taxation purposes but also for maintaining a permanent record of the farm business, analysing the business, monitoring day-to-day activities, and future planning. Department of Agriculture are developing research-based technologies to help farmers increase productivity and production efficiency while practicing sustainable agriculture. is a cloud-based record-keeping and operations management software service which provides advanced solutions to clients in the fruit & vegetable industry, enhancing food safety traceability while decreasing overall operational costs. ie 2011 Cover Photos courtesy of Andy Doyle, Irish Farmers Journal ucts. Another means of assessing the scope and role of record keeping among small farmers involved examining whether or not there was a relationship between record keeping and the type of farmers studied. By regular monitoring, a scout is able to gather current information on the identity and location of pest problems and to evaluate treatment effectiveness. Generate farm record keeping reports to use at your local FSA office and insurance agency to prove your crop yields. With Farmbrite you'll find all the features you need to get better organized, keep better records, manage your resources, track production, identify trends, gain valuable insights and increase efficiency and profits. The extension. 3 Jul 2018 The Director, Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Centre most farmers do not attach importance to record keeping in their farming  Farm Matters - Cattle, Sheep, Crops, Medicines & NVZ farm management software. Management of Dairy animals during heat stress. . ProductionWise is developed and supported by an Australian based team at FluroSat. Unit 1: Crop Introduction. These must be paid for even if they are not being used. basic unit, optional unit, enterprise unit. The workbook contains pesticide data for over 250 pesticides licensed for use in row crop applications in Mississippi. Remember to bring your financial records, including tax returns, for the most recent crop production cycle. Record Keeping and Economics of Winter Production & Marketing at Pleasant Valley Farm February 2019 Paul & Sandy Arnold Simple Record Keeping We put the value on one level (per acre) Can only tell the value if we have records Seeding Records –Field space/rows Harvest Records –Total Crops Sold Timing Records for Preparation Fodder Production. All these records should be kept in your 4-H record book or similar notebook. Many of these publications were developed in response to producer questions, and they deal with issues related to specific products, as well as production methods, marketing, and organic certification requirements. ing up the GAP-CROP. of the cost of production as well as the time required to run the operation, including production, marketing, and record keeping. Crop record keeping and planning system that gives you access to all of your crop production data B any time, anywhere. We've done more than just make record keeping easy, we've built a powerful and easy to use all-in-one farming software solution. The track records are comprised of National level statistics for the principal crops in NASS' estimating program. 403(a)(3)), an integrated information- and production-based farming system that is designed to increase long- How to start crop farming in South Africa Sustainable agriculture and successful farming are prosperous businesses in South Africa. Recognizes members who have completed at least one project record keeping system and one year in the 4-H program who show outstanding work in several project areas, accomplishments and 4-H act As consumers demand to know more about the origins of their food, having quick access to accurate, real-time crop data presents an undeniable advantage. In July, the NASS Pacific Regional Office released the 2017 California Almond Objective Measurement Report, which revised production up 2 percent from May’s Almond Subjective Measurement Report, to reach 2. 59 billion bushels, while corn growers are expected to Crop Production Services (CPS) provides agronomic services to their grower clients and offers a complete line of high performance input products with a portfolio that inlcudes seed treatment, plant nutrition, fertilizer, adjuvant and crop protection products. His company, which first launched its product in Canada in 2004, provides a remedy to this problem with its Web-based agricultural record-keeping and traceability service because it allows growers, processors, crop advisers, and agribusinesses to collect and manage detailed records of all ag practices on a farmer's field. These forms are in editable pdf format and the name of your farm can be entered with free pdf viewing software such as Adobe Reader, FoxIt, or one of the many other pdf viewers available. COG-Pro has the look  It is surprising to see the number of farms that have little or no record keeping system. To comply with income tax reporting Record Keeping Key To Successful Farming When you're new to farming, everything is so interesting and exciting that you may assume you'll remember every detail of what you are growing, where and when you planted it, and how well it performed. Request Information Record keeping is an integral part of every business as it gives guidance and understanding on progress made or setbacks experienced by farmers in their projects. • Protected losses may be caused by: – adverse weather – fire – wildlife – insects or plant disease (when not due to Crop Record Book ©This Publication is the copyright of Cropsure Ltd. Actual Production History (APH) for the crop on your farm; Once these are established a “guaranteed” amount of coverage is determined. Farm Management – Record Keeping Good record keeping is essential to successful farm management. Accounting software that helps farms with general ledger, production analysis, . Hello, my name is Erin Roche and I am the Crop Insurance Education Program Manager at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. You can learn more about the value of these different types of records from this Penn State Extension article, Record Keeping as a Form of Risk Management. Reasons given or production costs until months after the fiscal year ends when the accountant prepares financial What is your most cost efficient crop? Crop Production: crop rotation, cover crops, organic fertilizers Many farmers keep records on paper forms, which have inherent problems, including lost or  Meeting 19: Practice of keeping farm business records-II. Created by SSAWG, Growing Farm profits is a training that helps you use their recordkeeping resources, as well as other useful documents. An organic production system begins with selection of the best rotation sequence of production crops and cover crops based on a field’s specific characteristics. 14 Oct 2018 Record keeping is a task that is dreaded by some. The Kahiltna database is a pesticide application record keeping database I initially developed using the Microsoft Excel 4 macro language. levels of record keeping. Trimble Ag Software’s Farmer Fit bundle provides intelligent web, mobile, and desktop field record-keeping and mapping solutions for growers looking for a pioneering farm management solution that saves them time and money. For certification, NOP A Publication of ATTRA, the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service 1-800-346-9140 www. Acceptable production records must be maintained at the same unit level that the production was reported and certified on the production report. Both require tracking of activities and inputs: one to verify compliance to organic rules; the other to show documentation for a crop insurance claim. These resources can help. Record-Large California Almond Crop Forecast for the 2017/18 Season. production by planting ¼ an acre with the new crop. Use your application records or materials list from last year’ s inspection report as a reminder. Record keeping provides valuable information concerning what worked and what did not and possibly, the reasons why something did not turn out as planned. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, so record keeping around harvest quantity is essential to growers tracking their income against cost of production. About Extension. Production record systems overwhelm many farmers. ncat. The guy said the guarantee is based on 100% of what I spend on seed, fertilizer and chemical plus another set Record-keeping and Budgeting Workbook for Organic Crop Producers contains forms for keeping farm records and for developing production and marketing budgets from these records. The following checklists detail the required records that must be kept for specific production categories: The first step in being a successful farm manager is keeping good, accurate records and establishing a sound record-keeping system. Crop production is a branch of agriculture that deals with growing crops for use as food and fiber. 40 beds per acre Extension Training for Farm Record-Keeping Software November 27, 2017 Tune up your farm and ranch record-keeping skills at Nebraska Extension training opportunities this December at the Panhandle Research and Education Center in Scottsbluff. Granular’s Farm Record Keeping Software. See trends and opportunities to improve your yields or process and flexible enough to work for all types of producers and growers. * In this column, you could record the crop name and assign a number to each crop variety. Many business owners invest a lot of time Beyond financial record keeping is production record keeping. Production Records for Commercial Cow/Calf Enterprises. As a cattle rancher, you probably already have a bookkeeping system. com Editors | Read more Regional News about Agriculture and Crop Production on AgWeb. Dairy Farm Record Keeping P G Stewart Cedara Agricultural Development Institute INTRODUCTION Farm records are kept for all or some of the following reasons:- To satisfy the Receiver of Revenue This is an essential requirement of record keeping but should not be the sole reason, and a record system can be designed which satisfies Crop Sequence. However in an industry with tight profit margins, such as livestock production, efficient record keeping can be the difference between a profitable year, or one in the red. Nutrient Management Regional Offices. These records are also subject to potential audits that can be triggered in a number of ways. March 2007. Growing Farm Profits. The basis of record keeping • Who: A person must be assigned to handle the record keeping and work with the auditors. Record Keeping Video Transcript. For instance, a field crop operation must keep detailed records on all inputs used, all field activities, harvest, storage and transfer of crops. The production accounts of livestock and crops show how this resource base is combined with other inputs to yield physical out put. A farm management record indicates total acres and production by crop year. Besides, records keeping helps to decide the right type of crop to grow on a particular type of soil, at a particular time of the season for best yield and better pest and disease management. Pesticide Record Keeping In accordance with the 1990 Farm Bill, all private applicators are required by law to keep record(s) of their federally restricted use pesticide (RUP) applications for a period of 2 years. Below are all record keeping forms. If you need to rely on off-farm income to repay the loan, bring in your last few pay stubs from your current employer. PHOTO/GEORGE . Whatever it is, separate the books for your beef marketing company from your personal and ranch books. From the business aspect of your operations, effective farm record keeping is needed to improve your farming decisions. Farm Matters is the easy solution for all your farm record keeping needs! which calves are eligible for the scheme and produce either a printable list of  31 May 2018 Croptracker, Inc. Importance of Crop Production. ” Total annual manure production = 335,562. Importance of Farm Business Record Keeping and Analysis . If you have questions about any of the forms or need assistance in record keeping, contact the Delaware County Extension Office. The Crop & Field Manager is simple to set up, after that you can quickly enter your data to start tracking every aspect of your crops. Unit Outcomes for Criterion Based Evaluation: The following outline defines the minimum core content not including the final examination period. The Oklahoma Farm and Ranch Account Book is designed to be a comprehensive, easy to use, manual record-keeping system that allows whole farm and enterprise accounting. Granular’s Farm Record Keeping Software merges all financial, operations, input, and crop data so that can track your historical data. You don't need to know tons, but we've assumed the basics. In the case of a medical emergency, record information is to be made available immediately. As discussed here, environmental record keeping refers to items related to manure and nutrient management at and around the production facility. Farm business records keeping refer to documentation of events, business or news that occurs on the farm, and it is a crucial step in the success of every farming business. This agricultural pesticide spraying record app monitors a variety of details, including spray nozzle type, aerial spray coverage area, types of crops Record Keeping. org By Holly Born Dedication: and Ann Baier I dedicate this notebook and give credit for its development to NCAT Agriculture all the organic farmers whose record Slurry and Sludge Application Field Record SLUR-1, SLUR-2 Manure Solids Application Field Record SOLID-1, SOLID-2 Freeboard and Daily Precipitation Record FRBD-1, FRBD-1A Lagoon Liquid Hose Drag Application Field Record DRAG-1 Average Stocking and Mortality Record STOCK-1 Crop Yield Record CROP-1 Animal Waste Transfer Record Croptracker, Inc. Iowa’s record corn crop was produced in 2016, at just over 2. Jay Wisbey, Crop Production Agent Pesticide Recordkeeping Survey The Kansas State Pesticide Safety program is in the process of revamping the KSU Pesticide Ap-plication Field Records book in order to provide a record keeping book that will be up to date for our modern RUP herbicide requirements. Cow/calf operations require considerable capital investment and sound of a disease management plan and good record keeping will increase the overall yield and success of the vegetable crop. In today’s complex and fast-paced crop production sector, the team at CROPLIFE keeps 21,000 agricultural retailers, distributors and their suppliers up to date on such decidedly 21st century issues as seed technology, biotechnology, precision agriculture, customer service and retention, and business management. Accurate financial and production No management without measurement is a well-known saying among farmers. Farmers . , total number of loads × average capacity ÷ the field’s area). cost of production for each crop and the profitability of each market channel Spreadsheet and other tools in Veggie Compass folder on your CD www. FJCTV: Keeping a Record of Your Plants by AgDay TV | Read more Regional News about Agriculture and Crop Production on AgWeb. first assign a number to a particular crop. However, it is becoming a critical task in production agriculture. On each receipt, include the customer or vendor’s full name, the date, what the transaction was for, and the payment method. Vegetable Farm Budgets and Recordkeeping: Real Examples. This record is used for keeping an inventory of the types of animal feed and the quantity purchased, used, and also quantity in stock on a daily basis. Food security is achievable through mass The purpose of the Targeted States program is to deliver crop insurance education and information to U. In addition, all Good records protect your crop insurance interests Keeping records for your yield‑based crop insurance policy Keeping detailed (accurate and certified) crop production reports and supporting records, which meet the standards required by your crop insurance policy, helps protect your farming interests. 4-H is not just learning by doing. Record keeping is a task that is dreaded by some. These resources offer guidance in preparing for certification and in production methods for a range of organic crops and livestock. attra. -Crop Harvest Record-Crop Harvest & Storage Record-Clean Transport Affidavit-Split Operation or Parallel Production Crop Record-Audit Control Summary-Complaint Log . There are three sets of basic records that should be kept by the owner of a small fruit and vegetable processing unit: financial records, those that relate to the production of the products and sales records. There is a misconception that the only reason a person needs records is so he or she can report their taxes. FAR provides ProductionWise crop record keeping and support tools to farmers and their advisers, to help promote efficiency, sustainability and profitability in modern farming enterprises. Those five areas include price, production, legal, financial and human risk. 7 billion bushels. The most time consuming record required is the APH, because in order to determine the APH database, a farm needs four years of yield records for that crop on their farm. Record Keeping Requirements Each year members (Ages 8 and up) must choose at least six learning activities or leadership experiences to complete a project. Model Record Keeping. farmers may be in making farm production and agricultural sector has become increasingly affected . Irrigation Soil that doesn't drain well will rot crops and harm livestock. • Keep it simple! 3) Recording crops and livestock information: The most important  Agricultural Spray Record Form Mobile App - This Agricultural Spray Record Use this app to improve record keeping through documenting pertinent data in  We've got everything you need to plan, track and improve your farming business. The business must realise that records kept will be one of the most important management tools it possesses and, therefore, it should be allocated due importance. However, the association has struggled with ways to increase their vegetable production, how to estimate the potential yields and how to establish ascheme for collecting data, record Record keeping for Pig production. Many vegetable disease problems originate with the seed or transplants. This is particularly important in the first few years of an organic production system because the transition period will set the conditions for success. Record Keeping: One of the main drawbacks on the economic operation of aquaculture investment in Kenya is a lack of deliberately kept economic records of production operations. Production records. Seed Production and Training Manual – by Lambert Delimini – FAO - 12/05/2012 PREFACE Plant breeding activities lead to the development and release of improved crop varieties. prOducTiOn and Financial recOrds crop yields, plant Production record-keeping is an important task for any fruit or crop farm, whether small, medium or large. This vegetable production guide is intended for the NJ commercial vegetable grower who has to make numerous managerial decisions. More information about the calendar can be found at: go. Services offered are consulting expertise in crop production, pest management, fertility, regulatory compliance, and product development. Table 2 depicts the relationship between record keeping and the type of farmers or farming. Seed should be purchased from reputable commercial seed Farmbrite is a complete farm and livestock record keeping & management system. Demonstrate record keeping. PDFs that include great templates for record keeping systems. This document is designed to summarize the record-keeping expectations of a nutrient management plan (NMP) and provide the producer with a tool to review the completeness of current record-keeping efforts. production and financial record keeping systems Crop Production Records Good Financial Record Keeping Vital for Farms by AgWeb. Farm Budgeting – farm record keeping software to certified organic production, including focus on farm and financial resources, record keeping, and transition strategy. Veteran growers, however, know that the details start to fade quickly over the course of a busy season. The presence of sensitive areas located within close proximity to the spray target area introduces the possibility of off-target deposition. In order to make a sound decision regarding the production of hemp, growers must evaluate the risks associated with the crop. Record keeping encourages you to reflect on your experience so you can share it with others and learn. Use your application records or materials list from last year's inspection report as a reminder. Results have shown that a record keeping system may link There are three major grower categories of certification: Crop Production, Wild Crop Production and Livestock Production. This is a life skill. A formal record keeping system that is consistently used while monitoring is essential to a successful IPM program. Learn more about Field Manager PRO FarmLogic is a web-based farm record keeping system. The record must conform to the unit structure for your policy i. Kansas 4-H Permanent Record Revised 2008; Kansas 4-H Permanent Record Revised 2008 Question & Answer; Note: This form has expansion capabilities. This will enable you to clearly define the performance of your new endeavor. Outcomes: Students will identify the need of crop production. Introduction to Organic Crop Production 3 a manner that does not contribute to the contamination of crops, soil, or water by crop nutrients, pathogens, heavy metals, or residues of prohibited substances. Although the proper choice of the variety, application, pesticide, equipment, fertilizer, and cultural practice is the individual vegetable grower’s responsibility, it is intended that these recommendations will facilitate decision-making. ,Whitebog,Athy, Co. 3 Why A Manager Needs Records. 2 Sep 2013 Digital forms of farm record keeping are increasingly replacing the First, many basic advances in crop productivity have been adopted. All in real time. At least two figures must be determined each year: total production costs and income. INTRODUCTION. These records are prepared every week. At any time, report on the cost of each crop or crops season, costs for individual plantings, costs divided by farm area of land, costs by task type by area of land and many other innovative charts and KPI and bench marking tools. •As any other tool it could be time consuming when setting it up, but once you set it up it may help you plan, keep track of activities, supplies, etc. At MOFGA's 2011 Spring Growth Conference, Adam Montri discusses greenhouse crop planning and record keeping and how they relate to the economics of high tunnel production and marketing. is a cloud-based record-keeping and operations Our mission is to make crop production safer, more efficient, and more  Farm Management Software that performs accounting and crop and field . Farming  What Records Do I Keep? • Greenhouse production. It focuses on reducing the risk of . Kildare Telephone 059 86 33166 Fax 059 86 33701 E-mail cropsure@eircom. Getting Started 1. Key Features of Organic Farming. Record-keeping can be accomplished through a variety of methods, from a basic hand record-keeping method to an elabo-rate computerized system. Ultimately, a grower should know which products result in a net profit and which ones do not contribute to profit. You must know where you are at before you can plan where you want to be in the future. Today, source and age Record of purchased or introduced livestock - keeping the sender copy of the LPA NVD, which records the date, LPA NVD number, number of stock, identification, breed, sex, age, agent/sale, vendor (name and address) and Property Identification Code (PIC). Sheep & Goat . Keeping full records just for the sake of keeping them is a waste of time and energy. In an industry where the return on assets typically hovers around the 3% to 5% level, it seems critical that making management adjustments without some records is risky. The operation’s record keeping system must be sufficient to be "readily understood and audited". And production efficiencies, online planning tools, growing healthy plants, seed growing and ripeness indicators (mostly Ira). Degree programs in crop production are available at undergraduate and graduate levels. Crop Insurance 101 Crop Insurance 101 video transcript Introduction Introduction video transcript Record Keeping Record Keeping video transcript Risk Management (a) A certified operation must maintain records concerning the production, harvesting, and handling of agricultural products that are or that are intended to be sold, labeled, or represented as “100 percent organic,” “organic,” or “made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s)). Record-keeping can be accomplished through a variety of methods, from a basic hand record-keeping method to an elaborate computerized system. Up 4 percent from 2017, soybean production is forecast at record high 4. The first step in being a successful farm manager is keeping good, accurate records and establishing a sound record-keeping system. Acres. Your Record Keeping Workbook will be used to document your fields “benchmark condition” for determining program placement and ultimately, your contract funding level. This publication contains sample production records for feed, the Former Organic Transition Coordinator Carolina Farm Stewardship Association The development of this resource was made possible through funding from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. Record the names of the people involved in any activities that ProductionWise is developed by the Foundation for Arable Research. Record notes, harvests, soil health and much more in one easy to use online system. Short rotations between susceptible crops will increase pathogen levels within the field and increase the potential for yield and quality loss due to disease. Riddle & Ford, Organic Vegetable Operation Record Keeping Systems (. February 2017. for Crop Production the identity of any agricultural producer for whom pesticides were applied. RECORD KEEPING IMPORTANT TO FARMING Record keeping is an integral part of every business as it gives guidance and understanding on progress made or Production Record Keeping If you will store 2018 crop in a bin, silo, bunker or some other storage structure on your farm, and that structure still has old crop in it, then you must have a crop adjuster document the amount of production currently in that structure before you add any new crop to it. 8. • Covers yield losses that cause production to fall below your historical production levels. farm record keeping template Software. OSA regularly publishes and distributes resources free of charge. Enhancing Farm Management and Record Keeping with GIS. However, if pork producers want to increase profit, then complete,detailed records are essential. ) Soft records (weight-wagon slips, yield monitors) Bin measurements, if applicable. Clean milk production. Pest Monitoring Forms A regular pest monitoring program is the basis of IPM decision making, regardless of the control strategies used. Why keep production records? Keeping records meets the requirements of various state and federal regulations. It's your tool for the responsible  Agworld customer Ang Borzillo, Gillieston Fresh Produce, Shepparton, VIC for my record keeping and budgeting, now I can assess my enterprise by crop, field  10 Dec 2015 Encouraging the proper use of PPE and record keeping of pesticide use as the increasing intensification of agricultural production with more  14 Jun 2014 A wheat farm in Narok. Records must be maintained for five or more decades. 1 Farm records to keep sFarm diary. 1. Production Units ! Field Map ! Greenhouse sqft ! For record keeping and analysis ! Standardize bed size ! Ex: 300 feet long raised bed and 5. The Ag Decision Maker is a record sheet for capturing Machinery Cost and a set of record sheets for capturing individual Crop Costs that were developed by Iowa State University. Milking Machines. •AgSquared is an online record-keeping platform that is designed for small-scale mixed vegetable growers. The Program Manual and Application Forms for New Crop, and Livestock Production can be downloaded below. *Crop  16 Aug 2019 They consist of crop yields, plant populations, calves born, pounds of milk Keeping and analyzing accurate production records are important  13 Mar 2018 “I now use a 612-page hard book to record my production expenses, sales and timing of my crops, which enables me know when to plant, “I stated keeping my farm records five years ago, when I started banana farming. As an example, many cow-calf producers in Tennessee use a record keeping system, The Beef Cattle fIRM, developed by University of Tennessee Extension personnel. Field and forage crops are grown on most of the 200 million acres of harvested cropland in the United States Record-keeping or record analysis? Record-keeping refers to keeping, filing, categorizing and maintaining farm financial and production information. There are also sub-categories of both Crop & Livestock Production, including 100% Grass-Fed Certification. Farmer Fit provides intelligent web, mobile, and desktop field record-keeping and mapping solutions for growers looking for a pioneering farm management  A formal record keeping system that is consistently used while monitoring is essential to a successful IPM program. If you are using a computerized record book, it may be helpful to have a log-E-unit: Developing Record-Keeping Skills Through SAE The Farm Business & Production Management Program helps farm families reach their goals! This program gives current farm owners/operators opportunities to develop and fine tune their skills with production agriculture. The importance of late-season disease scouting and record keeping; Crop Production News - 2018 - Issue 7. 60 billion bushels for 2018, close to the 2. – Activities, labor hours, inputs, and supplies by crop. Environmental record keeping is a necessity for regulator-required nutrient and manure management plans (NMP or MMP) or for USDA’s Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP). Yield and production record; This is one of the essential types of farm records to be kept on a farm, it is the farm record book that shows the yield or output of the farm. Tools for production planning: Small Business Agency (SBA) Record-Keeping for a Small Business. record keeping in crop production

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